A Reminder That You Still Can’t Get Genital Jousting In Australia

A Reminder That You Still Can’t Get Genital Jousting In Australia

Genital Jousting has just gotten a bunch of … disturbing new modes to celebrate the American summer. Which means it’s a great time to remind everyone that the internet’s favourite dicks-on-dicks game still isn’t available in Australia, at least not officially.

To rub a little more salt into the gaping sphincter, here’s all of the cool stuff we’re missing out on right now:

Looks like the kind of stuff you’d want a game like Genital Jousting to add. Variety is essential with a couch co-op game like this, although for some people the pitch of “I’m going to virtually fuck you in the butt” on Friday night is all they need.

As someone who hosts a fair few game nights, it’s a bit annoying that Genital Jousting still isn’t available locally. So I reached out to Devolver for an update on the situation. Unsurprisingly, not much has changed.

Devolver and the developer Free Lives decided not to seek a rating in territories where we understood the game would be refused one. We are sorry that this has meant there are gamers who fancied some penis themed fun cannot.

In other words, you’ll still need a VPN or generous benefactor from a more civilised nation to get Genital Jousting on your PC. Alternatively, you could just follow Devolver’s advice from when Hotline Miami was banned, although I’d rather just give Free Lives some money directly.


    • You don’t mean to suggest the government relinquish control over something they’re doing a poor, inconsistent job of?

  • Bought mine of the humble store day of release. Never had an issue getting it in australia. Not classifying the game like this, does nothing to stop people who want it from getting it

    • This should have been posted on this site the day of release.

      Or at least in a list – here are ways to get it.

  • Was expecting a similar article relating to the console release of Shadow Warrior 2 a week or two ago. Tweeted at KotakuAU wondering if they’d be publishing any info, but I guess you only focus on the big name games now.

    • I don’t know that this one is a “big name” but it sure has a catchy title…

  • So it’s not available because it’s not banned. It’s just not available because the developer doesn’t want to chance it getting banned?

    • It’s not available because Australian censorship guidelines make it absolutely clear that it wouldn’t be successful should it make an application, so the devs decided to avoid pissing their time and money down the drain.

  • Man, they’re just so well animated :(. That final part of the video with the Grandpa ones nearly made me actually LOL. Stil trynna get some!! ^_^

    “Sexy Car Wash” in particular seemed appealing.

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