Alien Trilogy Doom Mod Now Has A Playable Beta

That awesome-looking mod for GZDoom that combines the best parts of Aliens: The Ultimate Doom with Alien Trilogy? Creator Kontra Kommando has released a beta you can play right now.

The 125MB modification is essentially Ultimate Doom, but juiced with new visuals:

...using the original Alien Trilogy graphics, I have created new rotation attack frames, blood and gore sprites. This mod takes the aesthetics of Alien Trilogy, and combines it with the action and game play of Aliens the Ultimate Doom. Special thanks to Lex Safanov for decompressing the Alien Trilogy files!

Image: Kontra Kommando
Image: Kontra Kommando
Image: Kontra Kommando

For a beta, it's already slick, though comments on the ModDB page suggest the aliens might be too fast. Not that they've ever played fair...

Aliens: The Ultimate Doom[ModDB, via DSO Gaming]


    Why not just play Alien Trilogy? The doom mod doesn't look like it captures the feel of that game.

      True, but the Ultimate Aliens mod is iconic in its own right. This is more of an update of that mod, but using Trilogy visuals.

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