An Aussie Is Currently Top Of The DOTA 2 Rankings

An Aussie Is Currently Top Of The DOTA 2 Rankings
Image: Valve

Anathan “OG.ana” Pham is currently sitting at the top of the DOTA 2 Solo Ranked ladder, with a lonely Australian flag next to his name.

The Solo Ranked MMR leaderboards – at the top of which you’ll find Ana – display the top players who queue up for a match without a team, but anyone who’s been following top-tier DOTA 2 knows that Ana plays just as well, if not better, with a team.

Having moved away from Melbourne at 16, Ana spent some time in Invictus gaming before joining a startup team, OG, in August of last year – which recently beat 3-2 to win the Kiev Major 2017.

The plucky mid-laner led an amazing comeback after OG were about to lose. “That’s when I started captaining,” he said after the series.

That’s not the first Major OG has won, and it probably won’t be the last. All up, Esports Earnings estimates the team has made over $5 million from competitions, placing Ana’s chunk of that pot at $446,502.

Here’s an interview with Ana and Fly after their recent victory:


  • Go you super nerds! We cheer for you and your addiction-cum-achievements… Not.

    • Wow. When something earns hundreds of thousands of dollars, it can hardly be considered an addiction. Especially considering our gambling sponsored sporting sector.

      Why are you even reading Kotaku (let alone commenting) if you’re not interested in the games industry?

  • A few more tattoos and that top photo could be Australia’s next hot metalcore band

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