Battlegrounds, As Told By Steam Reviews

Battlegrounds, As Told By Steam Reviews

Battlegrounds is a battle royale game taking Twitch and YouTube by storm. It’s also generated some wild Steam reviews.

Battlegrounds is still in early access and has a lot of optimization issues, but that doesn’t mean that Steam users can’t still see the value in it. It’s been called the best of its genre, wherein you’re dumped on a map with 100 other players and try to be the last man standing. In particular, this game seems to have brought out people’s flair for storytelling. Let Steam users regale you with their tales of unconventional kills, frying pans to the face, and most of all losing. A lot.

You can check out more reviews for Battlegrounds here, or read our ongoing “As Told By Steam Reviews” feature here.


  • I think Ctrl + T has never had such an amazing work out as when I play PUBG.

    • I’ve got 30 odd hours in PUBG and don’t know what Ctrl + T even does? :S

      • Mutes and unmutes chat. When it loads you into the plane my ears almost bleed from the volume of the cancer.

          • See I only turn it off again to moan “Oh, daddy” after tea bagging people on frying pan only runs. Gotta make it weird as fuck.

          • Angus get on skype is quite possibly my favourite thing to say in the lobby

  • Sounds like a fun game, except from what I’ve read…

    a) there’s some annoying cheating going on that spoils the game
    b) lots of performance issues (and some crashes)
    c) lots of glitches (sometimes your bullets will collide with things they should not, like railings and window sills, etc.)

    Maybe I wait until they fix the problems 😉

    • 200 hours so far and there has only been one occasion where I thought I may have been killed by a hacker. There’s even a patch dropping today to address “lag switch cheat”, whatever that is.

      Jump in now if you have a decent PC. It’s amazing fun.

    • I’ve seen a number of complaints about bullets hitting window sills and railings…

      And basically all of them have been from people who didn’t understand that just because scope/sight on the gun was clear of the window/railing/etc, doesn’t mean the barrel of the gun was.

      They’d been assuming that just because they could see the person in the scope meant they could ignore the fact the gun barrel was being blocked. In other words it’s actually realistic in that bullets, shockingly enough, come from the barrel… And not the scope/sight.

  • Was kinda waiting on the Plucka Duck Wheel or whatever you guys and gals use to select the next game for Community Review to land on this one, but hopefully that’s not too far off.

    I’m currently looking for decent video content for this game. I am sick and tired off trawling through months-old out of date crap, plus a lot of stuff that Youtube serves close to the top of search criteria is immature streamer rubbish.

    For my part, I’ve been looking at really good videos on judging scoped aiming, and interesting key-bindings that are better than the defaults.

    Oh good, the three randoms in my squad left me hanging while they drive off in the car. Again.

    • Levelcap and Jackfrags aren’t too bad. LC especially is really mature.

      Really? The edit bug is still there?

    • I can confirm that Aculite and Jacksfrags provide quality battlegrounds content. Im always disappointed when i finish watching a video and there isn’t another one to watch yet.

      I will have to look into Levelcap as i am unfamiliar with this youtuber.

    • I know some names have already been provided, but I’d also suggest looking at Stonemountain64’s two Youtube channels.

      His livestream highlight games of Battlegrounds are pretty solid, and while some dont like the ‘super-serious soldier’ bit he plays up from time to time I’ve never found his content to be immature.

      If anything I’d say he’s one of the higher quality Youtubers out there for shooters in general, much like Jackfrags and Levelcap who were already mentioned.

    • As above, LevelCap, JackFrags, Break or even if you want a something a little might light hearted and the guy is on fire, Doom49 is good for lols.

  • i wish i won 1 in 100. i don’t think i’ve killed anyone in 1 in 100 yet ha.
    its good tho

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