Because Everyone Needs Two Red Shells

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Unsurprisingly, Mario Kart 8 on the Switch is just as rage inducing as every other Mario Kart.

Part of the fun of my holidays recently was reacquainting myself with precisely how much fun going from first to 10th in a single corner can be. And that's the general gist of dunkey's latest video. Red shells and blue shells were already annoying enough - so why not give people a second one?

Before, getting nailed at the finish was all too real. Now, you're lucky if you don't get slammed by four or five green/red shells in succession.

For the record, I don't actually mind the second weapon that much. The item usage, at least for me, has been so aggressive that it's made lighter, nimbler characters more playable. Previously it was all about picking the fastest, heaviest characters - but now smaller fry like Peach and the baby lineups actually seem viable. And at the very least, the acceleration helps after you get hit.


    The first weekend with it I was silly and went straight into online with it, having had a lot of time away from the original version, and got absolutely trounced. I did not have a nice time.

    After a week with the game, and the pro controller, I'm getting my groove back.

    I maintain that the actual cup modes are the tutorials for the tracks themselves, I just don't have the time to race race race and understand them like I could have done in the past.

    The Battle Mode, I'm torn on. Still can't get it quite right, or my idea of quite right. The mini-modes inside Battle Mode seem to be randomised.

    I didn't like coin runner or bob-omb battle first, but then I cottoned on and thought they were ok. I can't figure out how to stop the Pirahna Plant Jail one from appearing altogether. That one is terrible, unless I do what the game wants me to do and learn it through attrition.

    Can't you get 3 red shells though? Or did they take them out?

      Yeah, you can still get the triple red shells.

      And then you can store an extra red shell on top of that. Red shells for everyone!

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