BioWare Fixes Mass Effect: Andromeda Bug That Let You Romance Two Companions

BioWare Fixes Mass Effect: Andromeda Bug That Let You Romance Two Companions

Alas, some glitches are too good for this world.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is getting an upcoming patch that fixes all sorts of pesky bugs. For the most part, these tweaks are great! You no longer have to worry about new dialogue options being greyed out, for example. Some fixes are also kind of funny: BioWare notes that it “fixed issue where Cora slowly fell back to the ground after charging an airborne enemy”. But I can’t believe BioWare changed these things:

  • Fixed issue where player could romance both Cora and Peebee
  • Fixed issue where player could romance both Vetra and Peebee

You’re killing me, BioWare. Can’t Andromeda just be cool about what happens between three consenting adults?

Just kidding. The game actually is pretty good about different types of relationships, allowing you to have casual flings alongside serious bonds with other crewmates. Still, though. Some probably consider the ability to “fully” romance two different characters a feature, not a bug, eh?

Here are the full patch notes:

Fixed issue that caused singleplayer difficulty to impact multiplayer

Improved performance and stability

Various improvements to cinematic scenes

Fixed issue where SAM would mistakenly tell Ryder they have new email

Conversation options will no longer appear “greyed out” if new content is available

Improved legibility of subtitles

Maximum Nexus Level increased to 29

Single player balance improvements at higher difficulties.

Fixed issues with player animations getting stuck when jumping or changing direction repeatedly

Increased the number of autosaves allowed

Special items will not carry over into New Game+

Fixed issue where subtitles would not appear while waiting at the dialogue wheel if subtitles were disabled

Fixed issue that could cause AVP to reset to zero for all planets except Kadara

Vendors now sell fire augmentations

Weapon and armour vendors now carry inventory once player reaches Level 61

Chest armours now have level restrictions

Bonus items — such as Pathfinder Armour — can now be deconstructed

Fusion Mod of Resistance no longer continues to apply evade damage once unequipped

Improved responsiveness of control sticks

Fixed clipping issue on Sara Ryder’s casual jacket

Added graphics options to toggle Motion Blur and Depth of Field

Fixed issue where Remnant VI would stop attacking

Turbocharge will not deplete spare ammo when used on a weapon with the Vintage Heat Sink augmentation

Fixed interaction with datapad in the Search for the Remnant Drive Core mission.

Fixed issue where squadmate could not be revived if killed by a fiend at Site 2

Swapping a dead squadmate at a loadout will not cause them to die permanently

Nexus tram now operates during Nexus Reunion mission even if player has not completed Prologue

Fixed issue where player could romance both Cora and Peebee

Fixed issue where player could romance both Vetra and Peebee

Taking the left path in the Havarl dungeon will not block progression on Remnant Scanner mission

Fixed issue on H-047C where enemies could get stuck inside a rock, making them unkillable

Fixed issue where player couldn’t hide Ryder’s helmet after completing Ark Natanus mission

Fixed broken Nomad Shield Crafting mission

Fixed health issues with Architect’s leg that prevented completion of the fight

Frequency mission on Voeld is no longer blocked if player leaves the area after scanning the meteorite.

Missing Science Crew mission no longer blocked if Ryder kills the Architect before finishing objectives

Leaving the Nomad while falling out of bounds no longer results in infinite loading screen

Fixed issue where Nomad jump control was not remapping

Fixed issue where Cora slowly fell back to the ground after charging an airborne enemy

Improved performance on Eos when approaching or fast travelling to Prodromos

Loading auto-save will not block progress after kett encounter near Site 1 power relay station

Eliminated player fall through on Tempest after loading autosaves in space

Reduced the cost of Strike Team equipment and improved its effectiveness

A default Ryder name can now carry over to New Game+

PC — Fixed issue where dialogue choices would auto-select when using mouse and keyboard

PC — Improvements to display when running at different resolutions

PS4 — Fixed a crash that occurred when sitting in main menu for more than two minutes

PS4 — Fixed crash that occurred when moving from multiplayer back to the main menu


Fixed issue where player would crouch repeatedly while interacting with device

Player’s deceased character no longer falls through the floor after an Ascendant attack in the extraction zone on Firebase Icebreaker

Improvements to reduce lag for players and hosts


  • Man. I was worried when Zelda and Andromeda came out within a couple weeks of one another, but looking at that patch list I’m glad I waited to start ME.

    Except that I missed the boat to woo 2 space ladies at the same time, but you know… win some, lose some.

    • There’s one romance option from a non-crew NPC who promises to be discreet and let you have a side-piece. You’re effectively cheating, at that point.

    • No it won’t, it would literally require taking back half the game and starting from the beginning to make the game anything other than the sizzle reel that it was.

      • This is a massive, unbelievable over-exaggeration and generalisation, don’t be that stereotype of the commentor who only think in extremes.

        • Ok I get what you are going for, but I legitimately detest the game after finishing it. It is probably the most obvious cash grab I have ever seen. You can’t cripple a great franchise by putting the B team (the dlc team) and then be surprised when people lose their shit.

          I understand I am being a little bit extreme about it and yeah, it is likely because I like the series a little too much.

          • I haven’t finished it yet, but I don’t know if it was a cash grab. It was in development for years and they have probably lost money on it.
            Sure it’s not as amazing as ME 1, 2 or 3 (with the exception of the ending), it just seems to have lost a bit of magic. I think it’s still fun to play.
            Combat is good and the ability to swap power specialisation mid fight is great.
            It may have also been a bit lazy as they only introduced two main Alien species. Are there only two species in the entire galaxy? Probably could have used a few more, even if they are just window dressing.

          • Also cash grabs are more Activision’s domain, where they charge more than the original price for MW Remaster Map Packs that should have been there in the first place 😉

      • really because i have 100 hours SO FAR, that proves that wrong. Sure it has issues. Some minor, some epic, others just annoying but between them all there is a good game and a lot of hard work. I dont blame people for not sticking with it but I do blame people when they post “its aaaaaall crap” type things.

  • Conversation options will no longer appear “greyed out” if new content is available

    This is a good one. A minor inconvenience, granted, but it was annoying me having to dig back through grey options looking for white ones.

  • I romanced Jaal and Peebee quite successfully; I was trying to keep it casual with Peebee, but she was just too into me, and she sat on Jaal’s lap, next to me, during the movie.

    Heh — pansexual polygamy FTW.

  • YES! The email notification will be fixed. That one drives me nuts

    “Ryder. you have new email at your terminal”

    *Checks email, nothing there*

    GDI SAM!

    • So, that wasn’t just an extension of SAMs annoying and intrusive character?

      *hooning about in the not-Mako, break out mining scanner*

      “Ryder; this area can be mined … ”

      “I swear to glod, SAM, shut up or I will tear my implant out with a blunt spoon!”

  • Got the platnium trophy after 3 days. Great game.
    But the trophy for romancing 3 different characters (I actually had peebee and Cora) just got that much harder.

  • i notice there isnt a mention of the cursor on screen constantly glitch being fixed yet

    at least they removed the special items from new game +.. to the tempest team for playthrough 2 !

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