Brace Your Hands: Microsoft's Recon Tech Xbox One Controller Arrives Tomorrow

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft's fancy new "military" controller for the Xbox One will be available for sale come tomorrow. Aside from its weaponised looks, it'll deliver... uh, well, that's it really.

You can grab it from your retailer of choice, just don't expect a massive difference in price. Or any difference, for that matter. JB Hi-Fi, EB Games and Microsoft's own store are all selling it for $100.

Like other Xbox One S gamepads, it offers "up to twice the wireless range than previous controllers", so it's not a downgrade in the hardware department.

Again, it's a little dearer than your standard peripheral and doesn't really offer much in terms of extra features, but, if you like the look of its "rubberised diamond grip" and "military design", then maybe it's the gadget for you.

Xbox Wireless Controller — Recon Tech Special Edition [Microsoft]


    Still trying to figure out why Elite controllers still don't support bluetooth :\.

      competitive gamers prefer wired controllers due to latency

        Por que no dos? The regular xbox s controller can do wired.

      Exactly. I went with a white One S controller for this very reason which is fine, but the texture grip isn't as nice as the rubberised one.

    the xbox guide button get stuck constantly on the s controller, and it is extremely difficult to double tap.

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