Breast-Shaped Cake Made By Dragon Quest Slime Lids

It was inevitable. Someone looked at some Slime-shaped lids and thought they might mould some spectacular breast cheesecake.

[Image: のん@らむぅ]

Note: Some readers might find this content objectionable.

That someone is Twitter user Non, who took two lids from the Dragon Quest fried chicken currently on sale in Japan and decided to make this:

The cheese cake was originally made as a promise Non made to her younger sister. "This was a flippant passing impulse," she writes. "Please forgive me lol."

If Slime boobs aren't your thing, you can always make Slime jelly:


    Guess that whole marketing ploy went tits-up.

      They should have foreseen this issue earlier so they could have nipped it in the bud.

        It's just cheesecake. People will move on to something new. In a week or so this will be nothing but a mammary.

        I wish they'd translate the posts so we can keep abreast of the updates

    i dont know what tits youve been seeing but that looks like a bloody franga

      I was going to say something along the same lines.... but the previous comments won me over.

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