Call Of Duty Streamer Gets 2.5 Million XP In Single Match

Call Of Duty Streamer Gets 2.5 Million XP In Single Match

Screen capture of Fifakill’s YouTube video.

It’s like the Call of Duty version of extreme couponing. Last weekend, Infinite Warfare‘s Double XP weekend allowed many players to stack up bonuses and challenges to snag over a million XP from just one multiplayer match. One enterprising streamer even racked up 2.5 million XP in a single game.

First, players save up the Double XP tokens that they randomly obtain through Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare‘s Rare Supply Drops to use during the Double XP weekends. They also wait to complete in-game challenges that award extra XP, saving them for these special weekends. So they rack up more XP per match, which is automatically doubled, then doubled again.

The weapon camo challenges, which challenge you to pull off skillful moves with certain weapons to unlock new camouflage for them, are a popular choice for this method, because each gun in the game has its own challenges for each of which you gain XP once you earn the Gold camo.

Beautiful exploitation of all these elements is what led YouTuber and Twitch streamer Fifakill to rack up a whopping 2,554,932 XP in a single match of Domination last weekend.

He completed the Gold camo challenge for all 28 guns, then finished a few other random challenges to net a natural 638,733 XP. The game doubled this to 1,277,466 XP, and he quickly prestiged to the next rank so as to avoid wasting it.

Fifakill then used a Double XP token to make it 2,554,932, levelling up from 1 all the way to 52. Not bad for a few minutes’ work.

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