CG Artist Has Made An Image Every Day For 10 Years

That's over 3600 days in a row. I can't even write blog posts for five days without needing two days off.

As Vice reports, Mike "Beeple" Winkelmann, a professional CG artist who has released a ton of animated shorts and worked with musicians like Flying Lotus and deadmau5, started a project a decade ago called "Everydays". It would involve him creating a new digital image every single day.

"The purpose of this project is to help me get better at different things", he says of the idea. "By posting the results online, I'm 'less' likely to throw down a big pile of ass-shit even though most of the time I still do because I suck ass."

Ten years later and he's still going.

These kind of endurance projects are nothing new. We often see artists push themselves to do an image every day for a month, or even a year. But doing it for 10 years, through all the obstacles a decade presents in a human life (from being sick to doing paid work to having kids), is absolutely bonkers.

Here's the 3650th image:

Here's to 10 more years (note he hasn't stopped, and is now up to 3655 images).

You can keep up with Beeple's "Eveydays" on his site and Facebook.


    Hang on a minute... he's doing work of the quality like the pic shown in the story? Every day??? FOR 10 STRAIGHT YEARS?????
    I imagined it was just some practice doodlings or something - not finished, detailed works.
    The sheer drive this dude must have to continually pursue this... speechless.
    My cap is doffed good sir!
    Thanks for the story Luke.

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