Community Review: Friday the 13th

Community Review: Friday the 13th

There aren’t too many asymmetric multiplayer games kicking around, so when one pops up it tends to get a lot of attention. And when that same game happens to star Jason Vorhees, it gets even more attention.

Launching last week, Friday the 13th pits six counsellors against Jason Vorhees, with the former scrounging for items and weaponry so they can avoid the undead serial killer himself. Players can also play as Jason though, teleporting throughout the woods and becoming stronger as the night grows.

Having done the rounds through Kickstarter, Friday the 13th‘s launch has been pretty murky so far. I’ve seen players complain a fair bit about gamebreaking bugs, issues with the progression system, problems with crashing and unreliable servers.

Have you picked up Friday the 13th, and if so, what platform?


  • I’m really interested in this but haven’t purchased yet. keen to hear people’s thoughts but I’m not sure how many people have picked it up yet! Looked intriguing in videos.

    • Same – i finally noticed it’s out but a bit broke to be spending on the psn store over the weekend!

      Watched a lot of beta gameplay which made me love the premise just hope they delivered

  • I think $40US is a bit rich for me at the moment to invest into a game. Will see how it performs in the coming weeks and check it out from there. I like the concept though

  • I also don’t own the game. Yet. I join the others in pleading with anybody who’s been brave enough to get it or backed the game to really go into detail.

    I want to join in on the ‘clobber this game and its dev team’ because by rights, it is a perfect storm of a) bad kickstarter game b) over-promising and under-delivering and c) taking players for mugs.

    But I can’t.

    A) the crowd-funding money is one thing, but early backers would clearly need to be aware this is more akin to support of a new Friday the 13th movie – ie you aren’t likely to give a hoot, let alone pay towards the kickstarter, unless you are invested in the franchise for a start. Hard to cry foul, with other Kickstarter games people are giving into their love and nostalgia for old games, not other sorts of properties.

    b) the game looks like a dog, let’s be honest. But again, this is ship-first-iterate-later in a nutshell, and the people involved are up-front about the risks. With the game actually being released, you’ve got thousands of gameplay videos that are coloured by the point the person uploading them is trying to make.

    c) right now, the game is probably un-reviewable. I don’t have the game, but I’m extremely interested. The current player-base is literally rabid, the vitriol and in-fighting that you find when you search for information is over-shadowing concrete info about the game. We can’t say for certain yet whether people were duped, they just might not like the game.

    • If I remember correctly, the game didn’t have the Friday 13th license to begin with (though it certainly took inspiration from it). During development the license holders reached out to support the project. not sure if this was before or after Kickstarter funding though.

  • I was a kickstarter backer and have played about 10 hours. When it works, it is a lot of fun. I don’t usually chat in multiplayer games but with this game it’s a must. It’s disappointing that the servers are horrible at the moment so probably wait another month or two before you purchase. But as I said, it’s a lot of fun when it does.

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