Creepy Mod Transforms Fallout 4 Into A Horror Movie

Pilgrim is a mod for Fallout 4 that takes Bethesda's Commonwealth and turns it into something you'd see in a game like Silent Hill.

It doesn't add new much new content, so there won't suddenly be quests to chase down chainsaw-wielding hick families or bog witches. But what it does do is overhaul the game's weather, sounds and environment lighting to create a "dreadful atmosphere" for wandering around the woods like someone who's begging to get eaten.

In addition to all that there's a dynamic music system in place now as well, which changes based on the weather and which features an all-new soundtrack that's more appropriate for the visuals.

Creators l00ping and TreyM are not messing around with this; it looks like a whole new game.

There are a few download you'll need if you want to try it out; you can grab them all here.


    Did no one else play Pathologic?

      You mean some games are similar to others?? The shock

        Well, more, "that game also had beaked weirdos in a dreadful atmosphere, here's a shout out to a pretty marvelous game, let's share our love of games on a games website", but if you want to be a sarcastic jerk about it, that's cool.

    fallout 4 where you kid get stolen right in front of you and you have no power to stopthem, and they kill you love of your life, only for him to reaised by cult of scientist, and when you finaly meet him again, he dies a few day/weeks later due to old age, oh and the world went to hell over night, full of monsters, muderers, killer robots, and now your alone, tell me witch part of that wasnt a horror movie already?

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