Dawn Of War 3’s Big Balance And Leaderboards Patch Is Out This Month

Relic’s Dawn of War 3 may have had a rough start, but the developer is working hard to make the game all it can be. To this end, the next patch will pack two juicy inclusions: leaderboards and a significant balance update.

A post on the game’s official forums states that the patch is scheduled for May 24. While this will mark the debut of competitive leaderboards, Relic has internally been tracking and recording stats for some time:

Since we launched, we’ve had background systems tracking your wins and losses to help you match up with players of a similar skill level. Our new Leaderboards and Player Profiles are going to surface that information to give you an idea of where you stand in the community-wide race for domination.

The studio has also been keeping an eye on unit balance. After a thorough examine, it’s come to the conclusion that changes are required:

One of our goals for multiplayer is for victory to mean you’ve consistently outplayed your opponent from start to finish, instead of just crippling them in the first five minutes. A few early game defeats shouldn’t lose you the match … We’ve reviewed every unit and even how some of the bigger pieces fit into the puzzle, like super abilities and escalation phases. We’re validating the changes in in testing now, but so far, so good. We’re confident the update will make each match feel more active, more competitive, and more fun.

If Dawn of War 3 didn’t quite do it for you at launch — especially if you were keen on multiplayer — it might be worth picking it up again come the 24th.

COMMUNITY UPDATE: MAY 12, 2017 [Dawn of War]

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