Divinity: Original Sin 2 Is Getting A Mode For DM's

Image: Youtube/Larian Studios

Having already spiced up the traditional cRPG model by allowing players to play Divinity: Original Sin (DOS) in co-op, Larian Studios is adding an even cooler feature to the sequel: a mode for dungeon masters.

The "Game Master" mode was originally listed as a $US2 million stretch goal, back when DOS 2 was being crowdfunded. So that's more or less the latest update to backers: showing not only that the mode is well and truly in development, but a better idea of how people can and can't mess with their friends in-game.

In a video posted earlier this morning, a Larian developer is shown instructing (supposedly) some Wizards of the Coast employees through a five player experience of DOS 2. Four players make up the party, with the developer taking the role of the game mode.

You can see some of the early features: the ability to add your own campaign text and images, the ability to import official D&D assets, importing of custom or pre-fabricated levels from the supplied level editor, the ability to add and customise the properties of monsters. One of the coolest features though is the ability to possess monsters, allowing the DM to play against players during combat, much the same way they would during a real D&D campaign.

DOS 2 won't be the first RPG, or the most recent one, to implement the dungeon master into a digital RPG as a playable role. The most recent attempt was Sword Coast Legends back in 2015, which didn't pan out too well. The original DOS was sensational, however, so fingers crossed for the sequel.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is available now through Early Access, with a full release due out later this year.


    Gah, I still have the first of these to play! Not sure if I want to solo it or co-op it (note; co-opper is a massive stat whore who spends half an hour comparing the pros and cons of any new armour or weapons, or deciding on skill tree point placement, or, well, everything, where have a much freer happy go lucky spin to equipment and skills, which means I am constantly waiting for him to be ready, and I think playing this game in co-op might push me over the edge :P) but might get into it soon seeing I gave up on Prey about five hours in.

      It's quite a long game - might be painful to co-op the whole thing. I just checked and it took me 83hrs in Steam which was a pretty complete run with not much sitting around.

        Thanks for that, and for the other info @bingus :).

        We watched a review of it on youtube last night and decided that yeah it will be too involved for our gameplay styles to mesh in co-op, so I'll give it a solo go soon!

        Now just to work out what our next local co-op game will be, after Borderlands 2, Diablo 3, Chariot, and just polished off the last of Snipperclips last night...

        I'm hoping Marvel Heroes Omega is out soon so we can get stuck into that ^_^.

    Its a good game. You can drop in and drop out... so if he drives you nuts you can keep going yourself :)

    Can't wait for DOS2, the original was surprisingly fantastic, and this sounds even better.

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