Donald Glover Is Making An Adult, Animated Deadpool TV Show

Donald Glover Is Making An Adult, Animated Deadpool TV Show

Deadpool’s long-awaited arrival on the big screen ruffled the superhero movie genre a few years ago. Now, the merc with a mouth is hoping to do much the same with his own animated series, due to air on FXX next year — and one hell of a name is in the showrunner’s seat.

Image: Marvel Comics

Announced yesterday, Donald Glover — Atlanta star, one time Miles Morales, future Lando Calrissian — and his brother Stephen will showrun the currently untitled comedy series. The 10-episode order will be the latest collaboration between Marvel Studios and Fox in the wake of Legion and The Gifted, but being an animated series definitely bucks the trend of what we were expecting to come out of this partnership.

There’s no current word on who will lend their voice talents to play Deadpool in the show yet, but they will have some big red-and-black shoes to fill in the wake of Ryan Reynolds’ movie performance. We’ll bring you more on FXX’s Deadpool show as we learn it.



  • I’m torn.

    On one hand, I’m over Deadpool. The character has been too much, too often and often too poorly. He’s the chardonnay of comic characters. Sure there are good versions but they still remind you of all the terrible ones you’ve encountered before.

    On the other hand, I’m a donglover lover.

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