DOTA 2 Is Getting A Co-op Campaign With A Story

DOTA 2, usually a video game about saying mean things to other humans over the internet, is embracing the spirit of togetherness later this year with the release of a series of co-op story missions, part of a campaign called Siltbreaker.

Anyone owning a 2017 Battle Pass will be given access to the campaign, which is broken into two acts, the first of which goes live later this month, the second being made available in July.

The campaign sees groups of four friends (or matchmade strangers) "undertake a cooperative adventure into the blackest depths of Dark Reef", and ask them to traverse a "diverse landscape of loathsome monsters, cunning traps, and other lethal terrors."

Every time you play you'll earn campaign XP, with "an exclusive Desert Sands Baby Roshan" available on the Wheel of Rewards.

Not a terrible way to try and convince people to pick up a Battle Pass for $US10 ($13). I'm sure there'll be those with no interest in DOTA 2 as a whole who will be keen to try out an actual story-driven video game released by Valve.


    Missed opportunity imo. Things like this would help ease people into how to play MOBA's.

      Maybe... maybe not. They have tutorials and bot matches to ease you into it, and playing heaps of PvE modes like this wouldn't really prepare you for the toxic cloud that is the competitive MOBA scene.

    Missed? how they are doing it?

    Yes they should have had coop storys from the start, some people are not fixated on constant PVP Arena as much as others.

      So you're saying that you don't like the entire concept the game is built around, so they should have had something different?

      That being said, there are heaps of non-MOBA game modes now available through custom games. They needed to nail the core mechanics and bugs before they introduced custom games, which they have now done... so I don't really see where you are coming from.

    Ugh. Co-op. I need developers to realise the overwhelming hate I have for other people and make games that give you the option to play with others, but shouldn't be prohibitive if you want to go solo.

    I've only just finished my first Destiny raid. It was awful. I had to stay up until 2am just to find some Americans to play with, and then listen to the incessant drivel at the other end in my headset when really I just wanted to tick a raid off my gaming bucket list before D2 dropped.

    TL;DR People suck. Give me games that don't require their involvement.

      Raids are made for friends. Sucks that you don't have any that play Destiny but the true experience for that game is playing with friends, not strangers who you have to endure for hours. Try wrangle some up for Destiny 2, it'll make the game 150% better.

    Sounds interesting, might give it a look

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