Dragon Ball Super Toys Coming To McDonald's In Japan 

[GIF via McDonald's]

Starting this Friday, Happy Meals in Japan will have Dragon Ball Super toys.

In the clips below, you can see them in actions. They look pretty cool for Happy Meal toys!

Though the Vegeta uppercut is a bit of a letdown.


    If I eat over 9k HappyMeals™ will I turn into a Super-Sayan?

      I'd be more concerned that you would have to wait ten episodes of DragonBall before your Goku figure turns up. Hurry up Goku!

      No, but you will turn into a super saturated fat reservoir.

        I am very close to the 7k limit and boy-I-can-tell-you I am starting to feel like a Super-Sayan-Jin-Super-Sayan-God-Jin-Blue

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