Evangelion VR Puts You In The Pilot's Seat, Literally

Namco Bandai has announced a new virtual reality experience called Evangelion VR: The Soul Seat

[GIF: Famitsu]

According to Famitsu, the attraction will be at Namco Bandai's VR Zone amusement centre in Shinjuku this winter. 

[GIF: Famitsu]

You wear the VR headset and sit in a pilot's seat, which shakes and moves about. In the VR experience, after regular Eva pilots goes AWOL, you are roped into the fray and pilot in a battle against the Angels. 

[GIF: Famitsu]

[GIF: Famitsu]

[GIF: Famitsu]

The press event Famitsu attended didn't show off much of the actual game — nor did it show much shaking. 


    This is hands down the coolest thing ever.
    I will finally get to show Shinji how to pilot an Eva like a man not a whiny bitch!

      I mustn't run away... to Japan to play this.

      say that when they connect the force feedback system where you feel like you actually lose an arm when your EVA loses his.

    What, no "drown in LCL" experience for extra realism? Worst ride ever 8/10.

      How about that edit moderation, eh @death_au? :P I just replied to your comment to find it vanished.

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