Everything We Learned Today About Destiny 2

Everything We Learned Today About Destiny 2
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Today at an event in Los Angeles, Bungie gave us our first look at Destiny 2, a video game about the crazy antics of Peter Dinklage. It will be out on September 8 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and we’ll be updating this post with all the new info as it’s revealed.

Destiny 2 is going to be “a new beginning” for everyone, both new players and old, director Luke Smith said at the beginning of the presentation. “There have been three things rattling around in our heads,” he said before listing the three pillars Bungie used to describe their Destiny sequel. The first: “A world that pulls you in.” The second: “Amazing things to do.” The third: “Always someone to play with.”

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They have changed Crucible to 4v4 for all modes.

They’re going to make Trials, raids, and the Nightfall “available to all players,” which they’re doing with a brand new system called Guided Games.

The PC version of Destiny 2 will be on Battle.net rather than Steam or another platform.

Bungie showed off Homecoming, the first mission of Destiny 2, which depicts a massive force of Cabal attacking the Tower. It looks a whole lot like Destiny 1:

At the end of this mission, Smith said, the forces of good are defeated. Players will lose their city, their powers, and their gear to the Cabal’s Red Legion and their big baddy, Commander Ghaul. The goal of Destiny 2 is to go out and recover your powers.

Bungie’s saying Destiny 2 will launch with new strikes, PVP modes, and (sadly) just one raid.

You’ll get three weapon slots that are more flexible than Destiny 1‘s, called Kinetic, Energy, and Power. It sounds like you’ll be able to shuffle your weapons around and use the same types of weapons in multiple spots this time around.

New classes include the Warlock’s Dawnblade, complete with flaming sword, the Titan’s Sentinel, with a void Captain America shield, and the Hunter’s Arcstrider, with an electric staff.

Bungie introduced a new PVP mode called Countdown that’s essentially Attack/Defend.

Destiny 2 will allow players to launch activities from within anywhere in the world, without having to go to orbit (thank goodness). Rather than solely letting you wander around and do patrol missions, Destiny 2‘s maps will have treasure hunts, activities, and dungeons called Lost Sectors that sure sound a lot like Diablo.

The new planets are Earth, Titan, Io, and Nessus:

One new area is the European Dead Zone, which was cut from Destiny 1 way back in the day. (I’ve heard it’s really cool.)

Some of the new areas really look fantastic:

Destiny 2 will have a more robust clan system, with in-game rosters, customisable banners, and other tools that will make it easier to show everyone that you’re part of Team Kotaku.

Bungie also announced a system called “Guided Games” that will allow players to join up with clans — even if those players aren’t members — for Destiny 2‘s more complex end-game content, like raids and Nightfalls. This is Destiny 2‘s version of matchmaking. It’s basically an in-game LFG system. If you’re raiding and need an extra slot, you can open up your group to a player looking for a raid.

Finally, here’s the game reveal trailer:

From what we’ve seen so far, this looks more like Destiny 1.5 than a brand new game. But of course we’ll reserve judgement until we’ve seen the whole game in action — and gotten a chance to play it for a while.


  • From what we’ve seen so far, this looks more like Destiny 1.5 than a brand new game.

    Well when you have a formula that works it’s a silly move to stray away from it. The universe (Items, weapons, characters, visuals) has to look and remain consistent so there isn’t any kind of disconnect, right? Now that they’ve ditched the PS3 and the 360 they’ll be able to expand on this heavily. I wouldn’t call this 1.5, but as you say – too early to tell.

    • Agree, look how transformative expansions are for WoW. You wouldn’t call it WoW 2, 3, 4, 5 etc because it’s just an expansion but they completely reinvent the game while holding true to the main gameplay formula and mechanics. This feels the same.

      • The difference is that this isn’t an expansion pack to a game this is a legitimate sequel. It wasn’t called WOW2 because it wasn’t WOW2. This is Destiny 2.

        • I get your point, but the original brief was 1 Destiny game for 10 years, at least that was the idea. Maybe its more a marketing thing? You can charge more money for a sequel than expansion so I guess people have higher expectations because of how its branded?

          Perhaps its just because it makes it easier to leave the previous Gen hardware behind if its a sequel?

          Ultimately though my argument is that they’ve had a very long-term plan for Destiny, call it D2 all you want, they would have had the elements of the game in development just after D1 launched and it will feel like an expansion.

          Look at all the Call of Duty’s, MW1, MW2, MW3 etc. Sequels but not really different games, the number just told you it was newer and had a continuation of the story. Each COD game is essentially the same.

          Don’t get me wrong, I loved D1 and I think D2 looks better and I’ll still enjoy the game but don’t expect a groundbreaking divergence from the winning formula just because of a branding decision.

        • The point they are trying to make, is that Destiny doesn’t follow traditional rules when it comes to future releases.

          If it did follow those rules, then everything after House of Wolves would NEVER have come. The huge improvements to the game and formula in the past 2 years would all have been saved for the sequel, and you would have had a COMPLETELY different game.

          But because it is an evolving universe, it is allowed to release new content updates and release new features to improve the game experience.

          There will never be a WOW2, because that game’s format doesn’t allow for it. If Destiny 2 was a PC only game, it would be exactly the same. But it’s a console first game.

          Destiny 2 is more about starting fresh, bringing forward what worked, and revamping what didn’t. Why fix what isn’t broken?

    • and by ditching the previous gen they have gone and made pvp smaller??? I’m ok with the universe and weapons etc remaining consistent, but we should have dedicated servers and far bigger patrol/pvp groups with all the shiny new tech…that’s a big letdown.

  • I think i’m the only person who just wants Destiny to be a single-player friendly experience? This “always someone to play with” stuff just…I’m not enthused.

    Perhaps (maybe, probably not) they’ll manage to get LFG and matchmaking sophisticated and seamless enough that I feel enticed into doing the raid, but to be honest I was quite happy with single player and strikes in D1, however measly the overall content was.

    This does look like more of the same-ish, so i’m still hopeful it’ll be a couple of hundred hours of fun.

    • I’m with you on this. I did almost zero multiplayer time on D1 and it was awesome.

  • “From what we’ve seen so far, this looks more like Destiny 1.5 than a brand new game.”

    Wooooooooooooooooooooow really?

    It’s no wonder journalists get such a bad name these days. You pretty much just slapped an “I’m a moron” sticker on your forehead. Regardless of how true/untrue that statement is, you are INTENTIONALLY creating tension and conflict within the Destiny community, countless people will go off and quote you as saying that now.

    • I’d agree with the author tho, it feels like a big DLC and they are currently talking about 4K and shiny 60fps rather than dedicated servers and broken rng systems. To reduce pvp basically says they cant be fucked trying to fix the broken pvp mess from D1 (less people, less lag! fixed!) and are we still stuck with 3 person fireteams? RNG better be gone or seriously improved to stopped trolling your playerbase which is all it did in D1.

  • The thing that people won’t understand about Destiny 2, is that it was never going to be a complete revolution on Destiny 1.

    If you compare launch Destiny 1, and launch Destiny 2, you will get HUGELY different games, and completely different experiences. But a lot of the ‘improvements’ that people wanted on launch Destiny 1 have already been launched via content updates. Things that would typically be saved for a sequel. Imagine everything after House of Wolves never came out, that it was all saved for the sequel, and yeah, you’d have a massively new game.

    • But that’s not what happened, current destiny to destiny 2 doesn’t seem like a massive change? Not speaking from experience as I haven’t played since vanilla, so this all seems great to me.

      Though I am a little confused, only one new strike and raid – are all the original ones in there people have been playing for years already? Like others have said, that kind of just sounds like a large content patch.

      Need more deets!

  • I logged countless hours into D1, how many well enough to be ranked #1 in the world for 3 consecutive months for PVE on XBox to be precise.
    So by the time Rise of Iron came out I had played so much that I realised that the original D1 was so broken that I did not bother to get RoI and put all my hope into D2 being something special and it’s looking pretty good so far I am impressed and may even look a buying it.
    But they are still showing sings of things that can’t be fixed for example
    ”Bungie also announced a system called “Guided Games” that will allow players to join up with clans — even if those players aren’t members — for Destiny 2’s more complex end-game content, like raids and Nightfalls.”
    CRAP it will not happen for approx 80% of players because the clan mentality when running raids & nightfalls will win out over players having fun. When I ran them I’d take anybody I didn’t care if they didn’t have a Gjallarhorn what light lvl or class they were how else were they to learn and it was fun to learn new tactic’s for each situation.
    I quickly lost interest in PvP because it was so broken and then because a majority of the DLC became tweaked for PvP players.
    And I won’t even start on the god awful RNG.
    But anyway let’s hope they have learned from there mistakes and listened to the community that actually gave a dam about what should have been a great game not just a average game that was a good FPS.

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