Fans Take Nintendo Switch Skydiving, Make Rad Trailer

The best trailer for the Nintendo Switch so far was not actually made by Nintendo at all.

Watch as the folks at Юзя take their handheld system everywhere, from the woods to the sky, all while pretending to be the characters from Donkey Kong.

At one point, Юзя skydives while using the paraglider in Breath of the Wild, and...damn. I can't even imagine what that feels like. Talk about immersion!


    Such a great transition from the skydive parachute pull to the next scene on the ground.
    Love it.

    "For the love of god, pull your 'chute!"

    "| can't! I gotta save first!"

    Short of the not washing their hands bit (I know the bathroom wasn't really used but the imagery and example it sets is nasty nonetheless) very nice video. You could see the guy holding onto the thing for dear life lol

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