Father Surprises Son With A Nintendo Switch In An Excellent Way 

[Image: Mohikan]

Twitter user Mohikan noticed that his son made a cardboard Nintendo Switch. "Probably because he wants us to buy it," Mochikan added. After doing that, he didn't just give his son the new Nintendo hardware in its retail packaging. What he did was better. 

His son isn't alone in making cardboard Switch hardware, but he's also been making all sorts of papercraft computers and consoles. 

And here is the cardboard Switch.

When his son was taking a bath, Mohikan put a real Switch into a cardboard mock-up. "I wonder when he'll notice," the father wrote. 

Looks like he enjoys it!


    This reminds me of my Grandad,

    For my 10th bday he bought me a gameboy pocket (the best pressie ever!) But he put it in a fridge box and filled it with foam and I had to swim through the box to find the gameboy, games and accessories. Best Bday ever!

    He picked me up by the ankles and dropped me head first in the box, i had no idea what was going on till I found the loot

      Tell us the truth.

      You gave him the biggest surprise by throwing the GameBoy away and continued to play in the box, didn't you?


    Next image is where the kid drops it two metres onto the floor...

      And it survives just fine.
      Mine did.

        Two metres????

        What are they feeding that kid???

          He is standing on a desk and holding it above his head

        Aye, mine fell straight onto the slate in front of the fireplace... heart in mouth stuff, but no ill effects, works just fine.
        I was astonished at the video of the guys with the water cutter gouging out the triforce in a Switch and how far into the process it got before the Switch finally stopped showing a picture.

          Hence why the Switch has a plastic screen that so many bemoan nintendo's use of. In an eleven time drop test from standing position onto bitumen, at least 5 screen first drops, the screen didn't even crack.

          A wise decision by nintendo. Downside is it scratches easier, but I'd rather that.

            Eh, Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is exceptionally resistant to cracking these days - you actually need to try really, really hard and almost go out of your way to crack a screen on a modern phone. It's also largely resistant to scratches even if you accidentally put your keys in the same pocket as your phone.

              There's a few people I know have cracked their phone screens in recent months. I haven't and rawdog a caseless iphone 7 plus, I'm not clumsy I guess.....but considering A LOT of kids will be playing these things, using glass is crazy

              Glass is brittle no matter how its treated and a hit to the corner is what does it. No way for it to absorb that shock.

      Mine OG gameboy worked fine after being run over.

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