FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Decided On 90th-Minute Set Piece

FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Decided On 90th-Minute Set Piece

After two days of play in Berlin, the grand finals for the FIFA Ultimate Team Championship came down to the wire between Chevrey “Vitality_Rocky” Corentin and Shaun “xShellzz” Springette. Despite losing the lead on his home turf, a last-minute rally helped Corentin barely scrape by and secure his spot as the 2017 Ultimate Team champion.

The two were each victors on their respective console, Corentin on Xbox One and Springette on PlayStation 4, but the format for FIFA Ultimate Team tournaments mandates an aggregate score over two games, one played on each.

In the past, this has led to some players looking a little flustered when playing on an “away” console, but the two finalists seemed like they had done their homework prior to this event.

On the PlayStation 4, it was a tense match between the two that culminated in a goal near the end of full-time, putting Corentin in the lead on his away console. With a 2-1 lead headed into his home turf, Corentin seemed set for an easy time of it. It soon became apparent, however, that Springette had also been doing some due diligence on the opposing console. The PlayStation 4 player came up with two early goals on the Xbox One, closing the deficit and putting Corentin on the back foot.

Things continued to look grim, as Springette held the advantage all the way to the end of full-time at 3-2 (an aggregate of 4-4, which would give Springette the win due to having more away goals). At the last minute, a critical free kick was botched and subsequently salvaged by Corentin, who tipped it in with barely any time on the clock to spare.

Springette held back the initial offensive, but a beautiful steal from Corentin’s Neymar sealed the deal. With barely any time left, Springette tried but failed to run it back for a goal. Corentin emerged the victor, taking home the lion’s share of the $US400,000 ($536,339) prize pool and the title of FIFA Ultimate Team champion.

FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Decided On 90th-Minute Set Piece

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