Fruit Ninja Is Officially A Youtube Show Now

I don't know about you, but the first time I laid fingertip to touchscreen and sliced my first grapefruit, I thought, this would work much better if I was just passively watching other people go on fruit-related adventures. Finally, that vision is realised.

In case you haven't noticed, entertainment is all about BRANDS now, so the recognisable BRAND of Fruit Ninja is catapulting someone's idea for a kid's show into Youtube Red stardom, reaching Halfbrick Studios' 500,000 subscribers (when did that happen?).

But hey, the Lego movies are good, so the branding thing can be done well.

You can watch Seb, Niya, Peng, and Ralph learn "Juice Jitsu" starting today, as they journey across 13 episodes on a quest to find a remedy for their sensei's tragically oversized head.

The show will also appear on the Youtube Kids app, and y'know what, I poke fun but maybe it'll be a good thing for kids to watch. I just hope it's better than recent Halfbrick games.


    I normally get furious when it comes to clueless greedy executives getting their claws into creative industries and ruining them. But when it comes to Halfbrick's slow demise and the milking of Fruit Ninja, I just get sad.

    But hey, the Lego movies are good, so the branding thing can be done well.It also kind of helps that LEGO is more or less block-based representations of real life concepts so it's not that hard to translate into a movie.

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