Game Of Thrones' Craziest Stunt Flamebroiled 20 People In A Single Day 

Photo Courtesy HBO

Game of Thrones isn't one to shut away from gutsy stunts, whether it's the epic horse skirmish in "Battle of the Bastards," or that stupid thing where we all watched ice melt to find out when season seven was coming. But all of them pale in comparison to what may be considered GoT's craziest stunt, which probably broke a world record.... for setting people on fire.

At a press event for May 20's The Night's Watch training camp (sorry, only open to UK residents), Game of Thrones stunt coordinator Rowley Imran dished about the riskiest stunt his team has pulled so far. It was during the season five episode "The Dance of Dragons," when Daenerys and her court are surrounded by the Sons of the Harpy at the Great Pit of Daznak.

Still: HBO

Just as they're about to die, Drogon comes in like a boss to defend his mama, scorching dozens of enemies before whisking Daenerys away to safety. According to Imran, this stunt resulted in a lot of guys (safely) getting their faces burned off. This was largely thanks to a 13.72m flamethrower, which director of photography Rob McLachlan previously explained was put on a Technocrane, which had a telescoping head so it could pivot, swing, and turn, just like a dragon's head... ensuring tons of stuntmen and stuntwomen would get properly toasted.

"We set fire to 20 guys in one day, and we used a 13.72m flamethrower that was on a motion-control crane. So we could do motion control of the dragon," Imran said.

Still: HBO

Series weaponsmaster Tommy Dunne added that it probably broke a world record, which Imran agreed with. "Yeah, I think that was pretty much the most people set on fire in one day, definitely on TV if not on film," he said. Of course, they added that all of it was done in perfect safety, adding that most of the injuries are on are accidental nicks or cuts from swords. No one actually got charbroiled from Drogon's reign of fire... at least, not yet. After all, Game of Thrones returns for its seventh season on July 16.


    where did the world 'broil' come from. I'm sure Americans used to use 'grill' like normal people.

      Google is your friend.

      Believe it or not. It actually is a Northern American creation.

      Just a way for marinating meat and cooking it on an open fire.

        It's not a NA creation. It's from Old French by way of Middle English, with the same word root as the "brûlée" in crème brûlée.

    Stints aren't stunts these days, it's all CGI where you can do what you want with no risk.

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