Get To Know Endless Space 2 Ahead Of Its Early Access Departure Next Week

Endless Space 2's exit from Early Access is a few days away and to gear up for release, developer Amplitude Studios has been putting out videos to highlight the game's 4X core (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate). Today we're looking at the second of those, showing off the varied ways in which different species can spread their influence.

For example, you can go the traditional route of building an outpost on new planets, or if you're playing as the Vodyani you don't have to bother — you can just setup your arks in orbit and suck up resources as you please.

If missed the first video (which focuses on exploration), here it is.

Endless Space 2 leaves Early Access on May 19; you can check out more details on the game's Steam page.

Endless Space 2 [Steam]


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