Grab Borderlands, Borderlands 2 And The Pre-Sequel For Less Than $US20

Image: Gearbox

If Green Man Gaming gets its way, you're going to be playing through the Borderlands franchise for next couple of weeks. The online store currently has all three games discounted by 83 per cent, allowing you to grab the entire series for a little under $US20.

As GMG's "franchise of the month", Gearbox's role-playing shooters are all rather cheap — $US5 for the first game and $US7 for the sequel and uh, Pre-Sequel.

Note that the Pre-Sequel doesn't include any of the DLC — you'll have to spend another $US23.99 to grab the season pass. However, the other two games are the GOTY editions.

Still, if you do go the whole hog, $US43 remains a solid deal.

Franchise of the Month: Borderlands [Green Man Gaming, via OzBargain]


    Borderlands 2 and the the prequel for $19 on the psn store

    Hopefully this and the PSN discount means we're gonna see BL3 at E3

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