Here’s 12 Minutes Of Gameplay From Darksiders 3

Here’s 12 Minutes Of Gameplay From Darksiders 3

After Darksiders 3‘s rather impromptu arrival into the public eye, developer Gunfire Games and publisher THQ Nordic had little choice but to push out an official trailer. If you thought that’d be the end of it (at least, for now), well, this pre-alpha gameplay footage begs to differ.

There’s 12 minutes of content on show, though other than some sparsely-populated environments, some whip action and a heap of backflips, there’s not a lot to see. I guess that’s not really a surprise, given the “pre-alpha gameplay” stamp in the top-right corner.

A boss fight bookends the clip and is probably the most interesting part. It’s also good to see some variety in the environments, which look pretty darn good.

If you’re desperate for more details, I wouldn’t worry too much — if the pace at which information has been released (or leaked) keeps up, you’ll probably be able to purchase Darksiders 3 by the end of next week.

Darksiders 3 Gameplay Reveal [IGN]


  • That combat looks incredibly repetitive with no variety. Hopefully that’s just due to the pre-alpha nature. The enemy design and world look like they could fit into the Darksiders universe, which is good.

    I hope this game is a sequel story-line wise, unlike the second game that took place during the events of the first game and left us hanging on the first’s cliff hanger. I still want to see what happens next.

    • I don’t entirely disagree with the point about the combat, given though that DS1 and 2 both had fairly rudimentary combat during the early stages before unlocking different weapons/abilites I’m not that worried yet.

      From some of the stuff that has been leaked, it looks more likely that it will run parallel to the events as well. If this eventually led to a 4 player coop game for the “after the events of darksiders” story I’d be a happy person

      • It was an interesting experiment with setting Darksiders 2 in the middle of the Darksiders 1 story line, but in the end it made most of the story forgettable. While Death could try to help War, he couldn’t do anything that would meaningfully affect what happened in the first game.

        I suspect you’re right in that at least part of this game will be parallel to the others, given that the other trailer showed Fury talking to War while he was chained up by the Charred Council, but hopefully they push forward a bit rather than ending it at the point where War called the horsemen.

    • I imagine combat will become more involved, and is just a product of it being pre-alpha; e.g. there’s no sign of an “overcharge” type move as yet. That whip sound gets very annoying very quickly tho :P.

  • I just started reinstalling DS1 and 2 after reading about this, also just bought Outlast 1 and 2. Busy weekend indeed

  • Looks like it’s got a way to go yet in getting the combat to be fluid. It totally needs a guard/dodge counter. That backwards whip move is just awkward in the basic combo and would be better in an tertiary one. Also the basic whip attacks are really too forward facing; makes it feel like she’s thrusting instead of doing the kind of long slashes God of War and Castlevania LoS felt like.

  • Awesome. After THQ dispersed I was a little bummed in particular for the Homeworld and Darksiders franchise, I’m glad they’re both being kept alive and I’m looking forward to Darksiders 3.

  • That whip doesn’t look like it would do all that much. Needs more weight or the option of other heavier weapons

  • Yeah, I’m not sure they’re doing themselves any favours showing footage this early. Things will obviously improve, but it’s impossible to tell what and how much.

    The visual design lacks a lot of what worked so nicely in the earlier games, and that seems kind of fundamental unless they really are only just starting out with this thing. Do we know if Joe Maduriera is involved?

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