Here's A Full Strike From Destiny 2

Image: Bungie/Destiny 2

If you'd like to see what jumping puzzles look like in Destiny 2, here's some footage of one. And the strike that goes with it, of course.

The strike in question is Inverted Spire, and it's the first strike that Bungie has approved for publication immediately out of last week's gameplay reveal on Friday. If you haven't seen it yet, TerraMantis has a good 25 minutes of gameplay without commentary.

You can also see some of what the inventory UI looks like as well. Most of the old favourites are back, although you'll notice the armour, agility and recovery values underneath the light level, and rounds per minute has been added as an additional tooltip on weapons.

Image: Youtube (u/PlayStation)


    If I didn't know it was Destiny 2 I would think it was just a mission I missed in Destiny 1.

      Is this good or bad? I'm not sure how I feel about Destiny 2 looking so similar to the original. Does it even matter?

        If it was just a continuation like World of Warcraft it wouldn't be a problem. But it can be a problem when it's being advertised as a sequel.


          Sequel != DLC (which it kinda looks like)

          I will hold judgment until more info comes to hand, but I would have expected a new class or something along those lines instead of "rebalancing" existing ones.

          Was Gears of War 2 vastly different than 1? The fuck are people expecting from a sequel? Of course it looks the same.

    Yeah I'm getting worried already with those weapon perks, that pic shows a couple of oldies with one of them being next to useless...

    So we've lost all our gear (again) and have to grind to get the same shitty perks?

    Again it looks awesome, so glad they went with an actual sequel thay continued basically where we left off then just adding a 2 and making everything different

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