Here's GLOW, The New Netflix Series About Female Wrestling

It might not sound as crazy as a series involving Australians and mermaids, but GLOW has an advantage in that it actually looks good.

Unveiled earlier this morning, GLOW - starring Alison Brie as an out-of-work actress Ruth Wilder - is a series based on the 1980's syndicated women's professional wrestling league, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

It's more a comedy than a doco-drama, but the underlying themes of empowerment and watching the fictionalised beginnings of the league should make for an intriguing first season. Being produced by three alumni from Orange is the New Black can't hurt, either.

GLOW's first season drops June 23.


    Who's talking smack about Mako Mermaids?

    One of these days mainstream TV is going to make a show about prowrestling that actually shows respect to all the training, learning and effort that goes into it... But I'm not holding my breath for that since the mainstream perception of prowrestling is that "it's all fake" and "only those of low intelligence watch it"; all the while paying billions to Hollywood to see the latest blockbuster movie about superheroes, impossible love stories or middle-Earth fantasy story.

      So basically.. "it's still real to me, dammit!"

        As someone who put time and effort into training and learning the craft.... Yeah, I know how real it actually is.

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