Here’s The Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels Expansion In Action

Here’s The Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels Expansion In Action

If the idea of Forza Horizon clashing with loops and licensed Hot Wheels RC cars sounds good to you, then you might want to check out the new expansion for Forza Horizon 3 this week.

Launching tomorrow Australian time, the Hot Wheels expansion adds six themed islands off the coast of Horizon‘s in-game Australia. All of the islands are connected by Hot Wheels corkscrews, loops, half-pipes, and so on:

The expansion was announced back in April, but earlier this morning the developers showed off three hours of gameplay, cars and races through Twitch and Beam. You can watch an archived version of the stream below. And to save you the trouble, the action doesn’t start until about 30:20.

Weirdly, I’m getting a few Trackmania vibes from the expansion. It’s nowhere near as maniacal as that, of course, but Trackmania doesn’t have the Rip Rod or Twin Mill either.


  • My son is a Hot Wheels fanatic but he is only 6… I’d love to get him this but have no idea how complex it is (being a Forza game, they aren’t arcadey are they?). Can anyone let me know if this would suit kids his age?

    • Forza Horizon 3 has steering and braking assist, If he is capable of playing MarioKart he should be capable of enjoying this. Also there is a demo availble for him to try out as well.

    • It’s great for kids. The horizon variety of the game is a lot more arcadey, I play Horizon 3 with my 3 year old and he loves it.
      They’ve designed the open world to be quite forgiving especially in the outback setting, with mostly “breakable” trees and rivers that can be simply driven through. Which means despite my son not being able to steer very well he still gets a kick out of it.
      There are a lot a of tuning and design options that can easily be ignored without impacting the game experience at all.

    • I’d say he would be fine playing it. He won’t be able to handle everything of it but it’ll grow on him. My nephew is 6 and he absolutely loves driving around in forza. The horizon series is kind of arcade style. Much easier for a child to play than the Motorsport series and much more fun for them also

    • The Horizon games are more arcadey than the mainline Forza games… and they come with a raft of options to turn the difficulty down.
      Xbox now has something called co-pilot mode which allows dual controller inputs (helpful for parents to help their kids play)… you could give that a try.

      Forza Horizon 2 had a Fast and the Furious standalone expansion, which I think was free.
      Download that and see if he can control it… if he can then you won’t have spent money on this to no avail.

    • Forza horizon isn’t the racing sum firza motorsports is. You can make horizon more challenging by turning off assists like traction controk, racing lines and things like that but it is otherwise much more an arcady driver

      • Thanks for all the replies! That really helps, I’ll check out the demo and see how he goes. He’s a demon on Mario Kart so it sounds like it should be OK for him. Thanks!

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