Rewatch The Nintendo Direct With ARMS And Splatoon 2 Here

Image: Youtube (u/Nintendo)

If the prospect of more ARMS and a bit of Splatoon 2 on the side sounds tempting, good news.

If you're just interested in Splatoon 2, you'll have to wait until the very end. Otherwise, Nintendo's latest stream will all be about ARMS. Hopefully we'll see more info about the online functionality, possible in-game tournaments, leaderboards or matchmaking systems, or just other modes.


For those who can't watch the livestream, the Direct showed off a range of new game modes. Versus is the most obvious, but there are also Party Matches with support for up to 20 players total (2 per system), a Grand Prix mode where players have to beat 10 AI opponents in a row to win, ranked play, and local play.

ARMS will also be holding a beta over six days from next week, a couple of which are gated off for North Americans only.

If you're just interested in the Splatoon 2 element, which shows off a couple of minutes from the single-player, you can do so below.


    Ok, that looks pretty fantastic! The weight system is interesting, as does curving shots over shields. I also noticed something in other footage not mentioned here about disabling arms. Looks like there's plenty of depth for a fighter/shooter hybrid.

    Good to see them go the splatoon route and include free future updates to fill out the roster.

    And the multiplayer modes look fun as hell. Reminds me of the excellent sports games in mario party.

    I'm down for the testpunches!

    Splatoon 2 bundle! I really hope we get one that comes with the neon pink and green joycons here in Australia, I think they look rad.

    I've been waiting for a bundle before finally jumping on, having bought Zelda for WiiU it took away most of my reason for wanting to get a Switch.

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