Heroes Of The Storm's New Taunts Are So Good, They're Disconnecting Players

Games are complicated pieces of software and sometimes even the most cosmetic of changes can cause bizarre bugs. Take the recent introduction of "Mastery taunts" in Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm. Sounds alright — who doesn't like a new way to give opponents some attitude? Turns out the joke would be on you, with the developer forced to disable the new taunts as they were causing players to desync from matches.

A post from yesterday by community manager Spyrian explains why the taunts are no longer available:

We're currently investigating an issue in which Hero Mastery taunts can cause players to experience a "Desync!" error while loading into a match. As a result, we will be temporarily disabling Hero Mastery Taunts in order to prevent these errors from occurring while we look into the root cause.

It would have been worse if the taunts were disconnecting others — that would have been legitimately busted. Fortunately, the problem appears to be localised to the issuing player. Still, there's nothing quite like being trolled by your own taunt.

Mastery Taunts temporarily disabled [Blizzard]


    its done when its done, after its done, it gets undone.

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