Honest Trailers Tries To Skewer Logan, Fails, Brings In Deadpool Instead

Honest Trailers Tries To Skewer Logan, Fails, Brings In Deadpool Instead

Logan‘s a good film, which makes it hard if part of your job relies on professionally taking the piss. So instead of digging deeper, Honest Trailers brought in Deadpool for a cameo instead.

Nice way to round off the 200th episode. And if you want even more background on Logan, we’ve got a review below.

Logan: The Australian Review

Logan comes out today, finishing Wolverine's story with a film that has the potential to redefine what a superhero movie can be. I went along to a screening with Gizmodo's Amanda Yeo, and after chewing over our thoughts for a couple of days we sat down for a conversation about it. Here's what we think of Marvel's Logan.

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  • Damnit, even the Logan OT made me tear-up again.

    Kind of a spoiler mentioning deadpool, my favorite bit in the trailer was when he answered the phone.

    Oh man, Logan was great, but I don’t know if I can put myself through watching it again.

    Ahhh, stuff it..I’m putting it the player…, sorry everyone, I’m about to plunge into at least a week of mopey sadness again.

    • The video title on YouTube is “Honest Trailers – Logan (Feat. Deadpool) – 200th Episode!!”, so it isn’t just Kotaku that gave it away.

    • I just got a copy of the Noir version. I wonder if things get even sadder in black and white

  • I didn’t enjoy the film as much as everyone else but am too scared to admit this.

    • Its fatal flaw was it didn’t do right by the characters (Xavier and Logan themselves) as we knew them in this established storyline. They would have felt more at home in a different movie. Taking the original ‘what-if’ storyline that it adapts, bolting onto this franchise of films, essentially cheating everybody out of closure, left a poor taste.

      Similar to Killing Joke, that being ‘what really happened’ was the last thing the author expected/wanted the overall legacy to be.

      I’m deliberately being abstract due to spoilery plot points, although I don’t know why you’d be in here if you hadn’t see the movie.

      • There are convenient spoiler tags if you feel like discussing specific points and don’t want to ruin it for someone.

      • I don’t think they could have done a direct adaptation the original Old Man Logan story line without access to characters like Hawkeye, Hulk, Red Skull, etc, and references to dozens of other characters Fox doesn’t have rights to. But all things considered, I think they ended up with a much better story.

        The comics seemed much more interested in showing off the post-hero world they’d created than do much character development outside of Logan and Hawkeye. You don’t really learn much about Logan’s family other than they exist, and that they are a reason for his final confrontation with the Hulk.

        And the setting and characterisation was so different from the mainline comics that it is hard to see it as leaving a legacy for any of the characters.

  • Watched Logan last night and although it was decent I’d hardly rave about it.

    Spoilers ahead:
    The main tough “bad guy” mutant was a clone of Wolverine that was under the control of the evil scientist type doctor guy. This is the exact same as the Wolverine origin story with the sword guy who was mutated for extra powers and was under the direct control of the evil scientist type doctor guy.
    Just shows they’ve run out of ideas for who to put up as Wolverine’s main confrontation.

    Then also there’s the premise that he’s dying from adamantium poisoning. His mutant power is self healing – self god damn healing! If the adamantium was poisoning him then it was always doing that from when it first entered his body. Considering he had a full health check up in Xmen 1 by Gene they would have noticed any low level poisoning that his self healing couldn’t handle way back then. Even if you give them the point that it hadn’t shown up and maybe his self healing just suffered old age and got worse over the years….Logan was all of 25 years after the last movie! 25 years is an incredibly short time period for a self healing man to deteriorate.

    The entire premise for the plot just seemed contrived to add a challenge and kill him off

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