Hugh Jackman Discovers Real-Life Mario Kart, Gets Really Excited

This is probably the closest we'll get to a Wolverine appearance in Mario Kart 8.

Hugh Jackman didn't stumble upon some ambitious street performers; he found what appears to be MariKart, a company in Tokyo that allows attendees to recreate their own Wario vs. Wario racing battles. MariKart provides go-karts, costumes, and even accessories to anyone who wants to cosplay Yoshi and crew. 

The only thing that could've made this better would be if the guy dressed as Luigi had given us an IRL death stare.


    Nintendo really should just use the legal fees spent in suing these companies and just buy them out or reach some sort of licensing deal. I really don't understand Japanese PR/legal departments sometimes.

      Sometimes eastern cultures put a real emphasis on reputation. Just out of principle. They dont want their IP to be associated with some run of the mill kart business for example..

      Rather than trying to profit from everything.

      It also why nintendo doesnt want their "great for all ages" image get tarnished. Call em stubborn if you will.

        Yes I know, I say those words as someone from an eastern Asian culture. A very traditional one I might add, though quite liberal relative to the stereotypes lol. It's just with the advent of the internet and the global rise of social media (something Japan has been using long before anyone else), certain business practices make less sense.

        Their approach to Youtube content creators and Twitch streamers is another archaic approach in this era. A lot of it has to do with Japan as country's domestic focus from the past but that focus has pretty much been one of the reasons why the whole country has stagnated for past two or so decades now.

          Cannot agree more. I lived in several countries, Taiwan, South Africa, Malaysia, America, Australia, etc, now working as a game programmer in Japan (as lead programmer in a major one). I'm quite a techie myself, also a very lazy programmer who like to hack things to make his life easier.
          I've to say... Japanese are not really good at software development and... Galapagos and fall-behind is one way to put it (in both game industry and IT). I can write a historical / cultural piece but I don't have time for that.
          My girlfriend, someone who manages APAC for a US company, said the same thing. The local business are dying, very slowly.
          Most of the time... they are not very competitive (but hard working. they are good at devoting themselves. It's a double edge sword depends on where you assign'em).
          Japan are still ok tho... still have a large market and ok income amount Asia. Outsiders can't really get in and insiders can't really get out.

            It's why Japan is in such a dire situation and is basically a ticking time bomb. With an unprecedented low birth rate, disenfranchised youth, rigid and archaic business practices, when the bulk of the workforce literally dies off, the economy is basically going to go off a cliff, and trigger another Asian financial crisis.

    Did this a few weeks ago in Osaka - there are a bunch of go karting companies doing this now. We went with "MariCar" (a rip-off of a rip-off?). It was brilliant fun. You feel like a celebrity - people wave to you from the streets and jump in front of you and take selfies with you when you're stopped at the lights. If you're planning on going, you need to get an international driver's licence before you leave Australia (just go into any RACV store with your existing licence)

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