Maybe Love *Can* Bloom On The Battlefield

Maybe Love *Can* Bloom On The Battlefield

Well isn’t this lovely.

When, Reddit user RevenantThings ran into David Hayter at C2E2, a comic expo in Chicago, he had a brainstorm: get Hayter to record a voice message, as Solid Snake, about his impending marriage.

The end result: genius.

I guess love can bloom on the battlefield.


  • Still don’t think I’ll ever get over Hayter being left out of MGSV. Remember when we were all certain Kiefer Sutherland was another massive Kojima troll? =(

    • Yeah that was weird. I mean it would’ve been ok if during the end cut scene the guy on the motorbike was voiced by David Hayter. Would’ve been a massive lol and troll by Kojima (who knows maybe that was his plan but Konami got all weird).

      The way it happened though, just makes Kojima out to be a bit of a **** to the guy who voiced his games for how many years?

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