Maybe Love *Can* Bloom On The Battlefield

Well isn't this lovely.

When, Reddit user RevenantThings ran into David Hayter at C2E2, a comic expo in Chicago, he had a brainstorm: get Hayter to record a voice message, as Solid Snake, about his impending marriage.

The end result: genius.

I guess love can bloom on the battlefield.


    Still don't think I'll ever get over Hayter being left out of MGSV. Remember when we were all certain Kiefer Sutherland was another massive Kojima troll? =(

      Yeah that was weird. I mean it would've been ok if during the end cut scene the guy on the motorbike was voiced by David Hayter. Would've been a massive lol and troll by Kojima (who knows maybe that was his plan but Konami got all weird).

      The way it happened though, just makes Kojima out to be a bit of a **** to the guy who voiced his games for how many years?

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