If Overwatch Was A Turn-Based Tactics Game

A modder has brought a little Overwatch to the excellent Invisible Inc., adding two new agents — Sombra and Widowmaker — to the stealth title's roster of thieves, hackers and spies.

Invisible, Inc: The Kotaku Review

Let's get straight to it. for some of you, Invisible, Inc. will be close to the perfect video game.

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The mod, made by Saltrain, may as well be an official and blessed addition. Both agents look great, having had their designs modified to fit Invisible Inc's art style, and their stats are appropriate for both characters.

Even their gear and abilities carry over: Sombra gets EMP blasts and translocators, while Widowmaker gets her Infra-Sight and sniper rifle.

This must have taken a ton of work, but it was certainly worth it, because it's something Blizzard probably wish they'd thought of and could charge for.

You can add it to your game here.


    Seems like a good time to remind everyone how good Invisible Inc. is, and by extension, how versatile and consistently excellent Klei Entertainment are.

    Game had me rapt for weeks and I only stopped playing because I was nearing the end of the campaign.

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