If The Last Jedi Really Has The Biggest Reveal In Star Wars History, What Could It Be?

If The Last Jedi Really Has The Biggest Reveal In Star Wars History, What Could It Be?

Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi. Image: Disney

A Japanese ad for Star Wars: The Last Jedi makes a very intriguing claim — it says the film will include the biggest, most shocking reveal in Star Wars history. The obvious answer is that this will be the discovery of Rey’s origin, but we got to thinking… what if it isn’t?

Here’s the ad, via Star Wars News Net. (Note: We reached out to Lucasfilm to confirm if this ad is real or not and have yet to hear back.)

That site interprets the red writing on the sides as “The Most Shocking Truth In Star Wars History Will Soon Be Revealed!” Our interpreter says that’s close to accurate, but “shocking” may not exactly be right; it could also be “devastating, gut-wrenching, startling, sensational, astounding, or astonishing.”

Additionally, the Japanese word for “truth” could also be interpreted as “reveal” — so changing that to “moment” or “secret” would make the most sense for English-speaking audiences. (For the rest of the text, visit the source site.) Either way, it sounds like something massive is going to happen in this movie. But what could it be?

That’s where you come in. We want to hear your theories, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Again, the identity of Rey’s parents is obviously the biggest mystery in the sequel trilogy. But when you say this reveal is the biggest in Star Wars history, you have to outdo Darth Vader as Luke’s father, and Leia as Luke’s sister. Both were massive surprises at the time. Could Rey’s origin actually exceed these “truths”?

For Rey’s lineage to be a big surprise, the reveal would have to involve someone we aren’t expecting — for instance, that Luke Skywalker met Mara Jade, his wife from the Expanded Universe, and they had Rey. Something like that. Obi-Wan or Yoda somehow influencing her development is big, but “shocking?” “Sensational?” We don’t know.

The second most obvious reveal would be something involving Snoke. Could his identity be the answer? It’s certainly possible and we know there are plenty of crazy theories out there, but again, it would have to be something we’re not expecting. If he is actually Boba Fett or Ezra from the Rebels cartoon then maybe it would qualify. But we doubt it.

We’re going to play it safe and go with C, none of the above. If this reveal is the largest in Star Wars history, it should have to come out of nowhere — something like Kylo Ren resurrecting his grandfather or something completely crazy like that.

But that’s just what we think. What shocking truth or moment do you think could be coming in The Last Jedi?


  • If it’s standard use of the phrase “most shocking” then it’ll be something along the lines of the fact that Luke has a 6th toe, or that’s not really his real lightsaber colour.

  • I like the theory that she’s Obi Wan’s granddaughter. It would mean the story could come full circle – A Kenobi mentors a Skywalker so the Skywalker could later mentor another Kenobi.

    It would also mean that the whole 9-movie arc was really about the Kenobi’s all along, rather than the Skywalkers.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if Snoke turns out to be a Sith Force Ghost – then they could make it Palpatine/Plaugeis/Maul/Anyone they want without having to retcon anything.

  • Rey is the neice, or some other relation to Obi-Wan.

    The parallels of her in the desert surviving to Obi-Wan are there. It’d also create a nice loop of having a Skywalker now train a Kenobi.

    It works. Doesn’t it? Please let it work.

  • Luke is responsible for Ben Solo’s fall to become Kylo Ten. He tried to rebuild the Jedi as they were before the Empire but he couldn’t do so. So he instrumented the Snoke/Kylo connection knowing full well that the Knights of Ren would kill the other students and Luke to sneak away in self imposed exile and no one would suspect it.

    Not because Luke has fallen to the Dark Side, more that every student he taught he saw visions of thier inevitable fall. Doing it this way, he made sure he that Ben Solo would survive (being his nephew and all) the eventual fall Dark Side.

    Luke’s second part of the plan was to wait. He knew eventually his fallen students would come for him. However he didn’t count on Rey who will reunite and help reform the Jedi into something different.

    Tldr: Luke knew/planned the Knight of Ren killing his Jedi school, so he chose the best possible outcome for the force (weaker ones survive before the strong ones train up and all) then ran away.

  • I kinda liked the idea of Snoke being a (Sith No One Knew Existed). I am hoping its Revan or Malik that would be cool but I know would probably never happen. I also think the reveal has something to do with The Grey, the area between light and dark side of the force, as there always has to be a balance in the force they need to find a way to conflict this idea

  • Kylo Ren is Rey’s father or Finn and Rey are siblings. Simple Star Wars film logic

  • Luke never brought balance to the force as the prophecy foretold, or at least he hasn’t yet. So could be something along those lines revealed, like he was never the chosen one, or that rea is, or even that there is never any balance.

  • My theory has always been that Rey and Kylo will switch “sides” and Rey will join the dark side and Kylo will join the light side. You could see hints of it in the first movie. Rey got a little too angry at times and Kylo was always trying too hard to be evil like Vader because of fear of Snoke. The logical conclusion to this would be that something tips Rey over the edge and she becomes angry enough to commit an atrocity that starts her fall to the dark side. Similarly, Kylo will become so full of regret for his actions that his conscience wins out and he tries to atone by joining the rebel alliance as a Jedi of light.

  • Rey is Palpatine’s Great Great Grandaughter’s, father’s, brother’s, nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.

    • Yes and Rey & Kylo will gradually swap roles, with Kylo eventually becoming the protagonist and Rey the baddie. I actually prefer the theory that Rey is Palpatine’s love child, a bit more than her being a Kenobi.

  • It wasn’t far far away after all? Rey got her training right here on Earth on some island in the Atlantic Ocean. Luke stumbled across it by accident around the time of the dinosauwrs. This is how we all came to know about the fantastic stories of another far far away galaxy, and George Lucas stumbled across the hidden scrolls of the Star Wars some time around the mid 70ies on a camping trip by accident and adapted them to film passing it off as fiction. In the process it converted many people and they all followed George as their saviour. Then, somewhere at the end of the previous millennium, wrote 3 more films to explain the origins of the Star Wars. However it is later believed he dropped acid while he was writing it, releasing the devil we now know as Jar Jar Binks. To rid himself of the curse he had put upon the world, he gave the scrolls to J.J. Abrams who had previously told George at a house party he used to ‘deal with aliens n shit’ and would research the lost scrolls again to find more evidence on Rey’s origin.

  • I’d assume it’ll be something about the nature of the force and how it feeds of the inherrent chaos created by the Sith and the Jedi fighting.

    Alternatively, Snoke is Mace WIndu.

  • I’m guessing that when Luke says it’s time for the Jedi to end … that he means it. There will be no more Jedi as we know them. There will be Force training, but the Jedi as an order cease to exist.

    There’s a lot of use of the phrase “bringing balance to the Force” in Star Wars canon, particularly recently. If Sith and Jedi are Dark and Light side, a “balanced” Force user can draw from both sides. If that occurs, then that sort of resulting Force user would make both Sith and Jedi Orders defunct.

    This might be a hint at the rise of Kylo Ren (or someone of the Knights of Ren) being such a Force user.

    I’m only theorycrafting of course … but “balance” is something that keeps ducking in and out of the scripts. Something like that would shake up the Star Wars universe forever, as it would mean the traditional cloaks of “good” (Jedi) and “evil” (Sith) are no longer relevant. The Star Wars universe would only consist of various shades of Grey Jedi and there may even be a new term for them (Knights of Ren ???), considering “Jedi” are an order that may not exist anymore.

    P.S. By the way … I’ll make a judgement call … Finn is Lando’s son.

    • Gasp. Imperial Knights. That’s basically them. You’ve tickled my EU itch.

      That judgement call though. Deeeelicious.

  • Calling it now, Rey gets sucked back in time after falling pregnant and changes her name to Shmi.

  • If The Last Jedi Really Has The Biggest Reveal In Star Wars History, What Could It Be?

    Breathless exaggeration used to build up hype for a new movie?

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