In Injustice 2, The Joker's Crowbar Means Nothing To Jason Todd

Before he became the Red Hood, Jason Todd met a grisly fate at the hands of the Joker in the iconic A Death in the Family storyline, including a horrifying beating with a crowbar. At least now in Injustice 2, Jason can enact some justice (both poetic and physically) against the clown prince of crime as payback.

Jason has been announced as the first character coming to the game after launch, joining Teen Titan Starfire and Mortal Kombat's Sub-Zero as part of the first wave of new fighters. Dressed up in his Red Hood attire, you can see him in action in a new trailer below — fighting current successor to the Robin mantle Damian Wayne, Batman, and of course, the Joker himself.

It's immensely satisfying to see Jason school Joker, and he has some nifty tricks up his sleeve to do so, from a series of fancy pistol moves, to grenades and tasers for when he gets up close. There are even some surprisingly goofy moves in there, like the moment Jason tries to fire a pistol, fails, and then just decides to bounce it off the head of victim for good measure. All in all, he looks like a fun character to play.

In other Injustice news, you can now attempt to earn gear for the game's vast customisation system based on Diana's look in the new Wonder Woman movie, as part of a special event.

I'm not sure selling the movie with this version of Diana — who is basically a bloodthirsty maniacal tyrant who continues to support arsehole Superman's evil regime — is the best idea, but still, it's the closest you'll get to beating the snot of out of Cheetah, Braniac and other DC characters while dressed up as Gal Gadot, which is pretty damn cool. Injustice 2's Wonder Woman event is available now, while the Red Hood is due to arrive as downloadable content some time in June.


    Couple of thoughts ;
    -Canon wise you can't have items passively effect a character (Joker v Jason) in a fighter as it would throw out balance.
    -The gun-fu looks really cool and I got a good chuckle out of that reload attack (must be a grab due to the characters looking like they are stuck in animation).
    -People need to stop watching the JL cartoons, WW has always been a blood thirsty tyrant. Its just that they softened her up in the media and N52. Not that the other heroes are much better (Bruce impregnates Barbara Gordon while she is in a relationship with Dick, then she mysteriously has a miscarriage to which Bruce is suspiciously unsurprised). It was all part of keeping the themes dark, but not having your characters seem like pathological psychos in the N52.

    I unlocked all of Wonder woman armor last night for the movie in Injustice. Had to reforge 1-2 pieces (cause was level 19 going on 20 with Wonder Woman). I hope they do similar events, like Superman and Batman and others.

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