In Osaka, Pay Money To Smash Plates And Relieve Stress 

If you visit Osaka, there are many things to do: Shopping, eating and sightseeing. These are all rather typical. Know what isn't? A shop were you can smash plates to relieve stress.

{GIF via PiatThor]

Located in Osaka's Namba, Piat Thor is a unique establishment, outfitted with little booths where visitors can enter and chuck plates at a concrete slab.

[Images: Another Tokyo]

Patrons are required to suit up in safety gear.

Blog Travelling Man Joe checked out Piat Thor a while back.

"The owner was really nice and of all the things I've spent money on, this one was well worth it," wrote Joe.

According to Another Tokyo, it's five plates for ¥550 (around $6.50). Prices change on the number of plates you want to smash, and apparently, you can get up to a hundred plates! 

You can write the names of people on the plates or draw pictures. On the last plate, however, you are supposed to write a wish you want to become reality.

Seems relaxing enough.


    Pfft, just become a microbiologist, get paid to smash plates all day every day.

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