It's Time, The Official Game Of Thrones Trailer Has Landed

Image: HBO/Youtube

Dany believes she was born to sit on the Iron Throne. Cersei is keen on destroying anyone that comes for it. Arya Stark is still wandering through the world on her quest for revenge, and then there's the problem of what's up North.

Strap in, people.

Whether this season will have the pay-off everyone wants is another matter. But at the very least, we'll get one thing that took six seasons of watching: Dany and her dragons have arrived in Westeros, and everyone's going to have to deal with the consequences.

I'll have some seared popcorn with that, thanks. I've been told that the pacing is vastly better this time around as well, which helps when you're not tied to the speed of the original books.


    surprised they made the trailer available to Australia, it should have only been watchable on Foxtel or in a few months time on iTunes and Google Play.

      Awww. Now you tell me?!?!? I torrented the trailer already.

    I love the voice of Ser Davos Seaworth....

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