Japan Has Excellent Animated Commercials 

Japan Has Excellent Animated Commercials 

Yoshiharu Sato has an impressive resume: Animator on Porco Rosso, key animator on Kiki’s Delivery Service, and supervising animator on My Neighbour Totoro — among others. Recently, he’s been focusing on commercials, and they’re terrific. But he’s hardly alone at making great anime ads.

[GIF via Francois]

Here is Sato‘s latest work, which is for a Japanese bread company known as Francois.

These commercials certainly have a Ghibli vibe to them.

As Matome Naver points out, he previously did a shochu commercial for Satsuma Shuzo.

Great, huh?

Other former Studio Ghibli animators have also made ads. Check out this one done by the folks at Studio Ponoc.

Over the years, Ghibli has also made commercials as well as opening credit sequences for TV shows.

The “new Miyazaki” Makoto Shinkai of Your Name fame has even directed anime ads of his own.

Wonderful stuff.