Keyboards Have Trailers Now, And They’re Not Over The Top At All

Keyboards Have Trailers Now, And They’re Not Over The Top At All
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I can’t decide whether I love or hate this as a tool to promote a keyboard. I think I kind of love it.

The official specifications of the Logitech G413 don’t matter, because all you need to know is it was forged in motherfreakin’ lava. The keys hardened in the shapes of Romer-G mechanical switches with Latin runes backlit by the fires of Mount Doom.

It then shot out of the volcano it was birthed in, too hot and hard for nature’s cruelest environment, and time slowed as it flew into the air to present its dual male USB plugs to the universe. Behold, cosmic beings, the mighty nature of its USB passthrough!

Breaking the sound barrier as it flies, it spots another object heading towards it. What could be so bold? What could be so stupid? And suddenly, it all makes sense… Because the only thing strong enough to take a Logitech G413 head on, is another Logitech G413.


  • My keyboard was free. The lady who owns the computer repair shop saw the state of my keyboard and told me to go grab one from the pile in the corner……….is there much performance gain from a cool keyboard??

    • Someone smarter than I could probably speak about performance, but I know I love the feel of my mechanical keyboard. I got one with Cherry Brown switches, and now I’m typing things that don’t even need to be typed because it feels and sounds great.

      • When you spend 10-12 hours a day on a computer (inclusive of office work) and do plenty of typing, then having a good mech keyboard is a nice thing to have. Depending on the type of switch and your typing style, they also enable you to type faster and with more accuracy. Varies from person to person though. I prefer semi-heavy switches and dislike the ‘mushy’ feeling of most keyboards.

        Some keyboards also can be fully reprogrammed and that’s a big advantage for some people. For example I could convert any keys into media keys, add a macro behind a Fn layer etc.

        I’d only call myself a semi-fanatic. I would never spend $80 on an artisan keycap (yes, just one keycap) but I do appreciate a good keyboard with good quality thick keycaps.

        I have:
        – Custom DIY built RedScarf II+ Ver.C 68 (65% size with MOD-M switches)
        – Leopold FC660C (65% size with 45g Topre switches)
        – TADA68 (65% size with MOD-H switches)
        – Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro S (75% size with Cherry MX Brown switches)

        Looking to try a Gateron Brown based keyboard sometime in the future, but I’m probably good with what I have for now.

        • Most def, I’m thinking about getting a 2nd one now for the office. Can’t go back to the mushy mush. The clickety-clack feels great when coding.

    • In short. Yes. Better quality keyboard have n-key rollover, meaning you can press more keys at once without it missing any. Mechanical keyboards have better switches for more consistent typing and less chance of keys getting stuck.
      Different keyboards have different feels to them, so that’s another reason to try out a few. Some people like quiet, low profile chiclet keyboards like the ones on MacBooks, others like myself prefer “full stroke” keys and noisy clicky sounds.
      Macro buttons are great too because they offer extra keybinds that are good for games and programming. Personally I use a G15 for work, with macro keys bound to Unity3D shortcuts and the LCD screen showing CPU and Memory stats

  • I hated it, until a few minutes later I realised I had typed G413 into google and was on the third review.

    Looks like a pretty good thing.

  • “Ducky” and “Topre” eat your heart out.

    This keyboard flies and is forged in lava. Can’t beat that!!!!

    Anyone get that vibe from Monkey? “The nature of Logitech was IRREPRESBLE!”

    • Yeah, but Ducky already did a Year of the Monkey keyboard last year so this one’s behind the times 😉

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