Kong: Skull Island Is Full Of Cute Video Game Easter Eggs

Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of Kong: Skull Island, hid a bunch of video game tributes and influences throughout the movie so well that nobody noticed. So he's now pointing them out.

Some of the homages made it into the finished film:

And some stuff didn't:

If you were going to ask "well why isn't this guy making a video game movie", he is: Vogt-Roberts is the latest director attached to Metal Gear Solid, a project that let's not forget was announced five years ago.


    I haven't seen the film yet, so I'm kinda happy.

    I feel a little bad for him, he clearly put some effort in to it.

    I loved it! was very entertaining and refreshing. I deliberately avoided all trailers bar the teaser and the film was much better for it. I watched the trailer after and it showed everything..... would have been much less fun to watch if I had seen the trailers first.

    I make an effort to avoid trailers these days they give away nearly everything if you have half a brain. Same goes for the movie "Get out" only saw teaser and loved it! Watched the trailer after same story gave away everything!

    I thought it was pretty bad, even for what should be a popcorn action type movie it didn't really have good/varied action sequences like most monster type movies.

    i feel like this is on par with a comedian having to explain his joke. i feel bad for the guy. but how was anyone supposed to expect an action movie set in an earlier time period, to include easter eggs of gaming nature.

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