Marvel's Diablo-Style MMO Plays Pretty Well On Console

Marvel Heroes, Gazillion Entertainment's Diablo-style comic book MMO, is making the move to consoles as Marvel Heroes Omega. The PlayStation 4 closed beta launched late last month, and I'm here to show it to you the only way I know how — with copious amounts of Squirrel Girl.

Early last year, Gazillion introduced controller support to its long-running Marvel Comics MMO, a move that paved the way for move to consoles, which more and more free-to-play MMO games (Trove, Skyforge) seem to be making these days. Rather than straight porting the PC version, we get Marvel Heroes Omega, essentially the same game with a few console-friendly changes.

The game is currently in closed beta on PlayStation 4 in the US, accessed by purchasing one of several Founder's Packs for the game, which start at around $US17 ($23). Once the game launches, players will be able to try out any hero up to level 10 for free, after which they will have to buy the character to progress further. Note that Omega doesn't seem to be tied to Gazillion player accounts, so PC players moving to console will likely have to re-buy their favourites.

Enough talk, here's some hot Squirrel Girl action.

The layout of the game's prologue mission seems to have changed, though it has been a while since I've played through the original version, so it may have changed since. Other than some things I remember in some places being in different ones, the overall experience is the same. Kicking buts and eating nuts came pretty naturally.

Marvel Heroes Omega is currently in closed beta testing on the PlayStation 4, which is to say it's in paid beta testing, because come on. The ability to pay and play the game early should be coming to Xbox One later this autumn.


    Really disappointed there's not going to be any option to transfer existing PC accounts to consoles.

    I can't imagine starting that massive gear grind all over again, especially given the fact that not all characters available on PC are available on console yet (they're including Beast, who was added 2 characters ago, but no Nightcrawler who was one of the first to be added post launch line-up!) and others, like Iron Fist, are being made a 6 month timed exclusive available only to those who buy all the founders packs!

    It's also disappointing that the closed beta is region locked, and that Australia is one of the countries yet to be included.

      The lack of ability to transfer/use my PC account on PS4 is a MAJOR turn off. It doesn't really feel worth bothering with, when I have heroes I've already paid to unlock.

      Unless there's some major exclusive content (And I doubt it) on consoles, it seems like a bit of a rip off, IMO.

      Street Fighter V and Final Fantasy XIV can interact with PC players via PSN, no excuse for this game not too, IMHO.

    I've play it on PC and the Venom story is different. you know he is at the police station and head over there and defeat him

    Its a pity the Devs decided they needed to ruin the PC version to make it console compatible.
    I've played the game since beta on PC, and the crap they have done to it in the last 6 months in preparation for this is not ok.

      Same here... Ive spent over 1,000 hours playing the game, but since these changes to make it console friendly have really ruined it for PC. My main gripe was how they changed the movement powers and controls, making it much harder to move and attack at the same time.

        Yeah movement was a big issue, but my biggest gripe was that levelling is a walk in the park, i can get to 60 on a new toon before reaching the Hood now, its crazy.


      The "Biggest Update Ever" 2.0 back in January was the biggest turnoff ever for me, and I'd been playing the PC version since beta with over 3500 hours clocked up on Steam (and lord knows how many more hours on the standalone client before that).

      They've changed the game from being a fast and fun action RPG to a frustrating chore with the travel speed wind-ups, limited dash charges, and mob/boss health changes.

      Not to mention they broke Nightcrawler's teleport with BUE2 and here we are some 3 months later and it's still not fixed.

      Just under 2.5k hours clocked up according to Steam, uninstalled it shortly after BUE, and I doubt I'll ever go back even if they completely revert the BUE changes. The game just isn't fun to play anymore, and I have no faith left in the dev team.

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