Surprise, There's Tons Of Orcs In Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Image: Youtube

If the prospect of slaying thousands more Orcs sounds like a good time, then Middle-earth: Shadow of War is here to deliver. There's even a Gladiator-style arena.

Due out on August 25, Shadow of War is the sequel to the third-person Ork slasher Shadow of Mordor. It'll supposedly include more worlds to explore and an expanded Nemesis system, although all I'm really crossing my fingers for is a lot less brown than Mordor's opening levels.

The open world trailer, released this morning, doesn't show a lot of gameplay sequences, mechanics or much of anything bar wide shots of environments. And that's kind of the idea: it's a bigger game, and it's a lot less brown.

Well, it's still pretty brown. But you get the idea.

Fingers crossed Shadow of War surpasses the original, like most sequels tend to do. 2017 has already been a pretty good year, hasn't it?


    Spot the Warhammer 40k player ;)

    Orcs... Orcs...

      Was about to post the same...

      Considering Tolkien penned the original term (I believe)

        I almost don't want to apologise

        (but sorry, fixed)

          Pffffft never apologise, just roll with it ;) lol

        Trivia, he didn't. The name was an established pre-existing part of folk lore though he did create what we think of as orcs.

        Which is why other properties can get away with using the term orc without any issue, but if anyone refers to a halfling as a hobbit that's a lawsuit =P

    Absolutely day 1 purchase. Can't wait.

    Cant wait as I really loved the original game. the greater variety in environments is huge plus and I like the look of the whole new sieges and castles etc as that will add a new dynamic. Hopefully they still keep sections where your by yourself and sneaking around like in the previous game

    surpasses the original, like most sequels tend to do

    like most sequels? is that a typo? :P

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