Monster Hunter XX Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter XX Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Capcom just announced that Monster Hunter XX, originally released on the 3DS as an expanded version of Monster Hunter Generations, will also be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

That’s all there is to know for now; there’ll be more details at a Monster Hunter event in Japan over the weekend, and you’d assume at E3 as well since that’s right around the corner.


  • I didn’t get on to Generations. Was too intimidated by the options in the first one I played (4 Ultimate) to do anything else other than sword and shield, but I was dismayed by the mid-game I had pigeon-holed myself into busy work anyway, finding different sub-weapons anyway (based on elemental or poison damage).

    I may try this one out and try a different weapon, start from scratch. I do like the game plays like completely different titles depending on your load-out.

    And the egg missions can go get stuffed.

  • There it is.

    My reason to finally get a Switch.

    Even if this doesn’t get localized (it probably will) it means that I can just import the Japanese version and play anyways! Had been waiting for the localized version on 3DS but I probably won’t bother now.

    • I hope so. The sooner nintendo stops supporting the 3ds, the better off the switch will be. Consolidation of the handheld and console titles means there’ll be no shortage of good games, as long as nintendo don’t try to keep the 3ds alive.

      • See, I love my 3DS. It’s a great console. But honestly I’ve had no room for it since the Switch came along. If Pokemon gets announced for Switch – which I’d be completely shocked if it doesn’t – the 3DS is done.

      • I argue that while that would be tremendously beneficial for us customers, it makes no sense for Nintendo as a company. Even if every single 3DS player is migrated to the Switch. the profits of a single console will never ever, be greater than those of two.

  • Better than nothing but would have much preferred an actual Switch Monster Hunter instead of a port..

    • Capcom loves recycling its assets, and the mh series has been trading on the same models since the ps2. It’s an incredibly profitable game series.

      Here’s hoping the move to the switch, which brings the first significant power boost to the mainline games since its inception, is seen as worth it to invest in a full overhaul.

      But xx will tide me over.

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