Monster Hunter XX On The Nintendo Switch Gets Its First Trailer

This is what Monster Hunter XX, a 3DS game, will look like on the Switch according to a trailer and gameplay footage shown by Capcom at this weekend’s Monster Hunter event in Japan.

Revealed late last week, the port looks like a crisper version of its predecessor that will try to take advantage of the Switch’s unique UI capabilities but not necessarily the extent of its graphical capabilities.

That said, Capcom announced that the Switch and 3DS versions of the game will be able to swap save data and have players from either platform adventuring alongside one another online. In addition to supporting local multiplayer, anyone who has played Monster Hunter Generations, the first 3DS version (XX is an expanded edition recently released in Japan) will be able to transfer their data up to newer game on either platform.

Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver., the game’s current title in Japan, will be released there on August 25 of this year. Capcom still hasn’t said when the game will be coming to North America, but odds are the company will have more information closer to E3.


  • yaaay cant wait. Glad to see they confirmed the ability to do multiplayer with the 3ds version so I can do multiplayer with some of my friends who dont have a switch yet.

  • Monster Hunter is the laziest series ever. Will come back when it is fundamentally not the same game from 10 years ago.

    • thats stupid… if it wasnt fundamentally the same game then it wouldnt be monster hunter…

      thinking like that is why no one enjoys good games. “oh hey this game series hasnt changed anything (even though it really has) so it must be bad even though its fun”

      Monster Hunter 13 shouldnt be a racing game or a first person shooter or a real time strategy game or have a huge massive change that ruins the gameplay just for the sake of change…

      Or a game uses some ideas from different games or has some similar story point so everyone just goes “oh its a lazy bad game” even if its a perfectly ok game…

      • It looks just as horrible graphically as Unite does upscaled on Vita handheld. Everything about the game is lazy; it never really improves, it just adds more of the same content and rotates in (and out) old content.

        Capcom has been milking its customer base with really lazy titles for years, MH just gets a pass because people refuse to look obectively at the releases.

        90% of XX’s development team is likely working on the port due to how simple the new content will be and they know people will eat it up.

        • I worked my way through Portable 3rd, 4u, and Generations. Each title felt distinct from the last and the series felt like every other iterative series. Not exactly a bad thing when you want to retain an audience while bringing in fresh blood. People play them because they’re enjoyable games, what’s the problem?

          It kind of looks like, as it usually does, when someone laments a lack of objectivity they really just want more of their own subjectivity. That’s fair enough, but at least be blunt about it.

          • I could forgive the gameplay for largely staying unchqnged if there were key improvements that I think we should be able to agree has not happened for a long time;

            The hitboxes are garbage; some monsters are notorious for striking outside their model, while others are able to be struck when swinging at the air.

            Graphically the game looks as bad as it did on the original psp. Models still have this awkward pixelated edging that shouldn’t be as obvious as it is. The only noticable graphic jump in the series was the jump to 480p/i resolution that occured on the wii (the vita could upscale to 960X544, making it look better than the wii version, but only due to the resolution of the small screen).

            The games don’t sync instances completely, this is a QoL issue that should have been rectified ages ago.

            Monsters are constantly traded out due to apparent hardware limitations and when returned are more often than not only slightly tweaked.

            The ui is horrible, ten years and they still can’t make it less ugly or actually functional.

          • I think it’s lazy in the sense –

            Monster Hunter Tri and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, same game.

            Monster Hunter 4 and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, same game.

            Monster Hunter Generations and Monster Hunter XX, same game.

            Expansions should be expansion packs damn it, not sold as whole games.

      • I think part of the argument is Monster Hunter is built for handhelds and the limitations they impose with power, graphics etc. Now when they are brought to home consoles like the Wii U or Switch they are still the sameheld held game made to look very very slightly better.

        Do you really think if they built a Monster Hunter game from the ground up with the Switch in mind it wont have a lot of stuff they could not do on the 3ds? Fundamentally it will be the same game but just oh so much more. Plus it wont look crap..

        • I want to see Digital Foundry compare 3DS and Switch versions to see if there is anything other than resolution and fps bumped up.

  • Looks like it could be a 60fps target too from. Might be the first time I dip in to the series, need something new to play on my switch.

  • Cross-play between 3DS and Switch, and the new announcement that Generations data can be carried over? That bait’s going to have a lot of teeth sink into it.

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