Neill Blomkamp Is Making Short Movies For Steam

Director Neill Blomkamp, the guy behind movies like District 9 and Elysium (not to mention a very good attempt at Halo), is now heading up a studio that is going to be releasing "experimental short films" on Steam.

Here's the first trailer for the films, coming out of a company called Oats Studios:

Steam has been home to movies and documentaries for a while now, many of them short indie projects, but this would be the first time someone with that kind of resume was working specifically with the platform.

Ditto for the actors involved: That's Sigourney Weaver 0:40.

The only word on a release is that these are "coming soon".


    Blomkamp does some damn fine work. Not enthused about the Steam release though.

      District 9 is probably my favourite movie of all time. Don't really care where it releases because it will always be made available "somewhere" if you know what I mean

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