Nier: Automata Cosplay Is Not Messing Around Here

Here are two Chinese cosplayers — Omiya (2B) and Ichinosehikaru (9S) — going absolutely nuts with their Nier: Automata cosplay partnership.

Nier: Automata Cosplay Keeps Getting Better

The cosplay hit of 2017 is easily Nier. Automata's 2B, who has been everywhere this year.

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Before you say it, yes, these are heavily edited images. But hey, if you're going to photoshop your cosplay images, you may as well go hard.

And even if you're the type to recoil at the thought of effects and fake backgrounds, at the very least I hope you can still see through the effects and appreciate that these outfits (so much detail, on all sides) are incredible.



    Dammmmmmmn that's some dedication, and amazing!

    I'm curious to know just how much is photoshopped, but still... DAMN that is some fine cosplay!

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