Nier: Automata DLC Has Dropped, Hope You Kept That Save File

There's more Nier to play as of yesterday, as Square Enix released the game's "3C3C1D119440927" DLC. New sidequests and odd coliseum battles reward players with music, costumes and other cosmetic items, as long as you have the game's Chapter Select feature unlocked.

It's really hard for anyone to pull off Kaine's outfit from the first Nier.

Nier: Automata's DLC allows players to battle powerful machine enemies like Square Enix exec Yosuke Matsuda and Platinum Games head Kenichi Sato for fabulous prizes, but they have to make in there first. In order to access the areas containing the coliseum battles, players must have completed the game's C or D ending and unlocked the Chapter Select function.

If you haven't gotten there yet, don't be in such a rush, though seriously hurry up. You're missing some of the best bits.

If you've gone past that point and made a choice to make the ultimate sacrifice at the very end of the game, well this is a very good reason to play all over again.

As for me, I'll be covering the DLC in detail once I've replayed through most of the game all over again. Hooray!


    Don't forget that it's pretty expensive, at ~$20.

      how is that expensive, I paid $25 to See Guardian 2 the other day and got 2.5 hours of fun. Surely this DLC is longer than that? Given its Nier, which proved it was worth the investment, quality costs money.

        There aren't that many $20 dlcs out there is there? And the price of something else doesn't really compare to a dlc.
        "A $50 dlc isn't expensive, because my car cost $50,000"

      Remember kids, if you pay for entertainment you are being ripped off.
      After all, creative artists are court jesters, here solely to amuse you for free.

        Remember good consumers, you should pay for absolutely everything in our glorious capitalist society. Spending money is the only way that you can show your worth as a citizen! So buy your glorious Horse Armor DLC today and show your support for rampant consumerism!

          ignorance, be gone. lol

          seriously you can choose to buy horse armor dlc or nier dlc. the neir stuff might be worth the 20 bucks to each individual consumer, and that stupid horse armor might be weorth it to sdomebody. point is you can choose to buy it or not buy it and this guy seems to think 20 bucks is worth it. ive spent over 150 in hearthstone, overwstch, and 50 in siege cuz those games are worth it to me. stop being a dick.

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